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    Wow! I just went through the

    Wow! I just went through the Prius headlight issue! I have a 2007 Toyota Prius and the right side lamp started going in and out and then both of them started behaving the same. Considering that one cannot drive with head lights going in and out I went to Toyota 2 days ago and I was told I was out of luck as my warranty just expired a month ago (3 years or 36000 miles). The guy told me the last time he checked the HID I needed costed about $300 a piece, and it will take at least 2 hours to remove the entire front of the car to replace it. So I was looking to spend $600 on the lamps plus labor and seating at the dealer for 2-3 hours. I was perplexed! I really like my one and only car, but I was very sad that it was that expensive and difficult to change the bulbs! Plus the entire time I was thinking was the life expectancy of the bulb timed? ) - warranty expired last month and I have a $600 and plus expense this month?? Sad!
    Luckily my big brother is a Toyota mechanic and specialized in hybrid cars. I gave him a call with my VIN he ordered the HID for much cheaper he said the total was less than $300 and in about 1:30 it was done. HE DID NOT REMOVE THE FRONT OF THE PRIUS!! He only removed the screws that are on top of a plastic cover and removed a black piece of plastic next to the windshield washer liquid recipient. I did see that if an inexperienced person was doing it the front had to come out as I noticed that it was difficult to try to put the bulb back in just by sticking the hands inside. I guess if the mechanic really knows what he is doing he can do it without having to remove the entire front. Realistically i only drove my prius for 2 years as i was out of the country for about 15 months, however my head lights are always on! I thought that it might have played a part in the equation so I will no longer have my lights on during day time. How long are the lamps supposed to last? Good luck.

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    Appreciate the info and

    Appreciate the info and links. Fortunately my 2005 is NOT one with the pricy (and very expensive) options like HID. I found links via this page and others that work very well for replacing bulbs yourself. No major parts removed, just a few fairly simple steps. I purchased a small adjustable mirror on a stick for a few bucks and that helped a lot re seeing what you are doing. These procedures work fine for the $12 non-HID buibs. If the bulb connecitons and headlight casings are the same or similar for HID, it seems like the do-it-yourself replacement instructions may work for HID builbs too. Can't do much about the cost of the bulbs themselves tho. General answer to that is avoid pricy options, they are pricy for a reason, both at purchase and at maintenance.

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    I have a 2006 Prius package

    I have a 2006 Prius package 6 with passenger head light problem. The price to fix one headlight is almost $300 at Glen Burnie Toyota. Customer service said I must go through the dealer.

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    I purchased a set of 6000K

    I purchased a set of 6000K HID's off eBay for $60. Followed the instructions for replacement at this link:


    The process took me about an hour, I did not have to remove the bumper. The next time I do it it shoud take me about 5 to 10 minutes. The process is not that difficult, the hardest part is getting the back cover to the headlights off. It does require a good bit of hand strength.

    So for an hour of my time and sore hands for a day or so I saved about $350.

    The headlights are working just fime now.

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    I have a 2005 Prius which

    I have a 2005 Prius which got its headlights replaced around 80,000 miles due to a car accident a couple years ago. As it passed 136,000 miles, both the headlights went out at 9 pm on I-95 in South Carolina while going the speed limit (70 mph). Turning them off/on temporarily fixed the problem, but it scared us, so we stopped for the night. Went to Toyota, and they cost $1150 last Monday, and the driver's side on went on the blink again a couple days ago. I discovered this blog too late, but still made efforts through the dealership and Toyota's corporate office prior to their payment to no avail. Apparently, their program to help out those in the 2006-2008 model years has already expired, and they consider halving the cost of the HID headlights for those models good enough. I filed complaints with 4 agencies about the issue, including the NHTSA, which interestingly enough did not have a section for the Toyota Prius or an option for headlights. How the NHTSA could take 1300 complaints over 9 years (and 480+ over 4 years) about a problem and say there is no pattern implies corruption, pure and simple. Since I'm well within the warrantee period of the previous fix, I'm taking it back to them. If they try charging me over $100 though, I now know through the Facebook page how to get a set for $50 and have someone else install it. Everyone needs to file complaints for EACH INDIVIDUAL occurrence. I'm going to file ANOTHER set of complaints about this due to its recurrence.

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    There is another sleeper

    There is another sleeper issue no one has talked about. The ballasts. The factory replacements are high dollar, no surprise, but their are some decent generics for half or less the cost. Only way I know to tell which is the problem is to replace the bulb(s). Problems continues, replace the ballasts.

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    You really don't need to

    You really don't need to take off the bumper cover. I replaced my 2008 HID headlamp bulb in about 10 minutes. See the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6Ih1CPQUzM really easy.

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    Same issue as reported by

    Same issue as reported by all. 2008 Toyota Prius. Out of warranty. Passenger side HID bulb blows. Called around for price of bulb. Told by Toyota dealership parts department that the bulb used to cost ~$300, but dropped with new supplier to ~$175. Cost to replace $230. Now the driver side bulb is starting
    to intermittently work. The mechanic was able to change without
    dismantling the vehicle. But, there is not much room for a large hand to work.

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    2005 68k-miles 1st time

    2005 68k-miles 1st time driver's side went out.
    Did not have to remove the bumper or any other major pieces.
    I did 90% of this on the driver's side with no hints or suggestions.
    All in under 5 minutes.
    I am awesome. This link is too.

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