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    In the past, I HAVE

    In the past, I HAVE PURCHASED "AMERICAN" and have had FAR more trouble with them than I have ever had with my Toyota! My Tacoma has just passed the 200,000 Mile mark and HAS NEVER BEEN IN THE SHOP FOR ANYTHING!!! Now, show me an "American" made car that can make the same claim! Furthermore, I work near a large GM Assembly Plant and I can tell you for a FACT that a large portion of the parts in a so-called "Amercian Made" car come from Mexico!!! So much for your "home pride" ideas!!

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    It's a sad fact of life for

    It's a sad fact of life for our country, that the most "American" cars on the road are Volkswagon and Honda. The 'big three" have outsourced the majority of their production overseas.

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    I have a 2005 Prius with

    I have a 2005 Prius with headlight issues. I called a local dealer and they told me there is a "TSB" (Technical Safety Bulletin) issued by Toyota about the headlight problem. I asked if replacing the old HID lights with regular lights would fix the problem. They said it would. We'll see....

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    Hi, Here is the story. I

    Here is the story.
    I needed to change a bulb in my new 2008 Prius. I have HID bulbs.
    I went to Toyota dealer...
    Bulb - $170. Labor - ~$350 plus tax
    Why so expensive, I asked. The technician replied, we need to remove the whole front bumper cover and all the plastic covers, then remove the head light and only then we will be able to change the bulb. It's 3 hours labor, he said.
    Total of $520 to change the bulb.

    This sounded "rip-off" to me and I went to Internet.

    First of all, I found on ebay a pair of exact same bulbs (compared by Toyota part number) for $72 + $5 shipping (for 2 bulbs). $77 total. (if you have regular non HID lights, it will cost you probably $20-30). It's better to have a pair, cause they might have a difference in intensity and color with the older one.

    Now came the labor part. I checked on youtube and found some videos how to remove the bumper cover and to change the bulb..... Not too complicated and about an 1hr of work.
    However, accidentally, I saw a video of lady changing the bulb in 3 minutes, without removing the bumper cover. There were some comments about "small women hands" and that man can't do it...

    I've decided to give it a shot.

    I did it on the passenger side. They were right, it is not very convenient to get there with my hands. I've removed some piece of plastic that directs the air to the windshield fluid tank(just 1 clip). I've removed the tank itself (this part took me the most time, until I realized what tool I needed to squeeze the plastic clip - long nose pliers), 1 nut and 1 clip.
    Removed the back head light cover (just 30 degrees turn of the round cup), removed the power cable of the bulb (slight turn as well).
    Then I used a check-up mirror ($7.99 in Autozone). to see the clips that fix the bulb opened them and changed the bulb! Voilą!
    IMPORTANT! You MUST to wear gloves (I used medical check up gloves) when you touch the bulb.

    Tools: wrench(I used metric #10, it worked for me), long nose pliers, gloves, small screwdriver to open the clips and check up mirror.
    Expenses : mirror - $7.99, bulbs $77. I have the rest of the tools.
    Labor 1/2 hour (I am sure next time it will take me no more then 15 min)

    Savings - ~$450!!!

    P.S. if you need to change the bulb on the driver side, just remove the fuse box cover or the fuse box itself if you have really big hands.

    Hope it will help you some day....

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    Another victim. Same issue

    Another victim. Same issue on 2006 Prius with 70K. Does anyone have info on class action lawsuit? Reply to hzibel@comcast.net

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    I'm late on this chain so

    I'm late on this chain so forgive me if I'm repeating some things.

    Yes, it's clear the dealerships and Toyota will make their excessive profits. There is a better way.

    1. Buy the bulb on the internet and change it yourself. Enough people have done it including me and my friend. First bulb replacement is a learning experience and will take you about 45minutes. Second bulb will take 10mins. Here's one place to buy the bulbs -- http://www.carhidkits.com/account/login.html
    There are other sites as people have mentioned on this blog board.

    2. As for the comments about outsourcing and why Toyota and other car companies use certain suppliers for the car components, the inside fact is that they would rather used the best vendor, BUT there are two forces at work. First, they have pressure as public companies to reduce cost. Part of that blame is on all of us consumers. Second and most revealing is that non-US companies like Toyota would rather not buy from US suppliers (like Delco), but they have to due to politics and all that buy American stuff. Their data consistently show that American suppliers have the worst quality. Fact is there are fewer and fewer American suppliers (due to lots of reasons including US regulations and other constricting policies) thus Toyota has to buy from whoever is left....which aren't much.

    The current rash of "recalls" is a result of the Toyota situation. Car companies want to be safe and so they're reporting every issue. Most of those issues are due to what I described above. Expect this to be the on-going norm. There are no exceptions so EVERY car company has issues.

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    Same story, different day.

    Same story, different day. My 2006 Prius at 47,000 miles went to the dealership today. $150 for each headlamp plus $135 for labor. After dickering and showing the growing complaints with this issue, they are doing the entire fix for $100. Guess the upcoming steering column fiasco was an incentive.

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    Jeez, you hybrid drivers are

    Jeez, you hybrid drivers are so cheap! You save hundreds on gas, and experience minimal repair costs (other than the not-stopping thing), and whine about a light bulb. High tech=high cost.

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    SAVE YOUR SELF HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS! I'm not joking! Our 2005, passenger side headlight went out over 2 years ago and we refused to pay the high price ($380 just for the bulb) of having it fixed. Long story short, we had to buckle down and get it fixed (never got a ticket though!). I found this AMAZING website www.partsgeek.com and got the bulb for $53.00! No kidding! Thankfully my husband is handy and was able to install it (with some difficulty, but with the help of the owners manual and a small mirror). If you aren't handy, then buy the bulb anyway and take it to your mechanic to have it installed. It'll be WAY cheaper than going to the dealer where they're going to suck you dry for a gosh darn light bulb.

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    Moron. American cars are

    American cars are crap, built by over-paid union workers who think the world owes them something, engineered and marketed by con artist.
    Bring back quality to US production & engineering and inherently sales will return.

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