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    Where are you located? I may

    Where are you located?

    I may be able to find someone that can help you

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    For the method without

    For the method without removing the bumper cover (I gave it a good try, but couldn't do it)...

    In retrospect, the first plastic electrical connector probably doesn't need to be remove. Just turn the black plastic cover 1/4 turn counter-clockwise and remove both together.

    The next connector (shiny metal if you can see it, just inside the larger black plastic cover) is also a 1/4 turn counterclockwise off

    Knowing that (you probably wouldn't if you use the blind method) should make getting that on and off more easy.

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    If you think your a pidgeon

    If you think your a pidgeon then spare a thought for those of us whos wives own volkswagen beetles.Wife notices that for some unexplicable reason her headlight is sitting on the driveway beside the car.further investigation reveals it is in fact the clear plastic cover that protects the headlight which would appear to have some type of gasket that bonds to the metal guard.Off i trot down to the local vee-dub dealer who after having the car for two days cant seem to get the thing to bond to the metal again,Oh well i will order another one says the service manager.I respond rather sharply how much?His response would suggest i wanted shares in volkswagen.Approx $500 says the service manager.Hmmm.Why so much i ask.Well its brand new & is coming all the way from sydney he responded.I then asked if that was by private Limo.Anyway i will be glad to swap your bill for mine anytime

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    I have the same problem with

    I have the same problem with my 2006 Prius. You cannot tell me that this is just a bulb problem. First the left headlight goes off and immediately will go back on as soon as you turn the lights off and on...on other days it's the right headlight that does the same thing. The scariest thing is when BOTH go off at the same time! When you are traveling on a dark country road, this is DEFINITELY A SAFETY ISSUE. I am livid. Toyota dealer told me today that there is no recall, just a notification...get this: they will give us a break and only charge me $150 a bulb each instead of the usual $300 each and oh, yes it will cost $200 in labor to replace them. I asked if it wasn't the bulb, but an electrical issue, would they refund me the money for the false fix. They said no. I do not have $500 to fix this issue. It is definitely a Prius issue, a Toyota issue and they ought to fix it.

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    I have the same problem.

    I have the same problem. what did you end up doing? thanks

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    this is going to be a class

    this is going to be a class action suit

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    Man, I am sorry but happy

    Man, I am sorry but happy there are so many Prius owners that are having the same problem that I am just now experiencing. It's unfortunate that so many Prius owners are having the same problem, but I am glad that there is so much information coming from you. I have a 2008 and thought I was going crazy with the flickering lights since I only had around 40k miles on a car a little over two years old. I had no idea that the bulbs at the dealership were $150, reduced from the original $300 price until I received the "solution" letter.

    I have not read all of the postings, so I may have missed the answer to my question. Can someone tell me where to purchase the HID bulbs that goes on the Prius for a reasonable price? I would prefer to purchasse over the internet since I don't know the location of all of these postings.

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    Same problem regarding

    Same problem regarding headlights. I have replaced 8 bulbs, with an aftermarket bulb from O'Reiley. Cost $8.40 BUT the lights go out after a wk or two. Very fustrating!! I finally broke down and went to the dealer today. $506 was the cost to replace both bulbs. What a rip off. I guess they figure we will get tired of replacing them and the hassel of the work to replace the bulbs. What a headache. Please add my name to your list. Other than this problem w the headlights, I have no other complaints about the prius.

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    I'm under 36K miles & under

    I'm under 36K miles & under 3 years on a 2007 prius and both headlights are blinking out.

    Are they going to charge me or this covered under the basic warranty?

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    I have a 08 Prius level 2 so

    I have a 08 Prius level 2 so I don't think I have HID, just regular. Can u clerify bumper cover. Is this the entire plastic piece tha goes around the front of the car?? I am pretty handy but this sounds relaay complicated?


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