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    07 Prius with HID headlight,

    07 Prius with HID headlight, passenger side quit and came back on a few times in the last month. Mostly it stays on, but I don't trust car companies (any car companies) as far as I can throw them, so as an emergency backup I'm planning to install driving lights with a separate switch. It's cheap insurance! Be safe, each of you, and a happy holiday.


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    My Prius is a 2004 and

    My Prius is a 2004 and Toyota refuses to admit this is a problem. I feel GREAT frustration and don't really know what to do. It DOES seem like the NHTSA and Toyota have made this problem go away. I hate the fact that someone will have to die (like the floor mat issue) until someone really looks at the prpblem.

    I am befuddled.

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    For automatic updates on

    For automatic updates on Action taken against Toyota on the headlight issue, How to do it yourself, Class Action updates, and other info become a Fan of this page


    To see a Video on how to change the your headlights yourself for only 50 bucks go to the Facebook Page and watch this video

    - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QPvUgs9Bgo

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    I have a 2007 Prius. At

    I have a 2007 Prius. At about 45,000 miles the headlights started flickering but would stay on most of the time. The dealer said it was the lightbulb and would cost $350 just for the bulb! Scoundrels!

    I was driving on the highway at night at 65mph with traffic and both bulbs went out at the same time! I could have been killed! How dare they let such a defective product and safety issue go unresolved!

    Sign me up for the class action lawsuit!

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    Walter, did you ever get a

    Walter, did you ever get a response? I was just told by the dealer that the bulbs are under warranty for 3 years/36,000 miles. I had to buy a new bulb and I hope it does not go off and on for 100,000 miles! although I am going to follow up on this investigating situation. The service desk did not mention anything when they sold me the bulb, although I guess they took pity on me and gave me a 15% discount, only $155!!!

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    I have two 2006 Prius's.

    I have two 2006 Prius's. One has the HID headlights and the other does not. I have around 40,000 on each vehicle. The one with HID has already had one bulb replaced by Toyota and now has the same on/off issue. The one without HID has had no problems. I read above where someone said NHTSA has decided there is no safety issue. If there is no safety issue, then why can police issue a ticket for defective safety equipment (one headlight not working)? Anyway, after reading all of the posts, I am going to register with the FTC, NHTSA, and sign on with the Girard Gibbs class action suit. I will give Toyota a chance by calling the 800 number but I had an experience with them before and was not satisfied with the results.

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    I have a 2007 Prius, there

    I have a 2007 Prius, there are 42,000 miles on it and my HID bulb just went out. I paid to get that fixed at $300, now the other one just went out a day later. This is ridiculous, any ideas?

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    I just had a headligt

    I just had a headligt replaced on a 2007 toyota prius for $254.00 any class action lawsuit I would like to be a part of. Toyota should correct the problem. Sometimes while driving at night my light would go out, lucky for me each time my husband was driving ahead of me and called and ask that I turn the lights on and off, of course it would come on then. I to ask the question must someone die before something is done?

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    Update on the replacement of

    Update on the replacement of the headlights on 2007 toyota prius, actually paid $385.- to have both headlights replaced. Initially told $245.- for each, once my husband told them that I was reading on line about the problems with the headlights. Said I should have the other change also, because in a short time will have to have it replaced. Initially said nothing was wrong. Agreed to do both for the amount above. I called Toyota and lodged a complaint, contact the firm about the class action lawsuit and now I will lodge a complaint on NHTSA.

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    Dave B - Since when has the

    Dave B - Since when has the Prius been made in America?

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