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    I just heard from the dealer

    I just heard from the dealer -- we've had your car running for three hours and the headlight is still on. (Thanks Idiot)

    I told them to drive it -- in 10 minutes it would go out. Dealer admits there is a problem with bulbs but had to see that the light actually goes out :-(... before they can recommend a fix.

    This is a work in progress -- I will not retreat. This is a safe driving issue especially as we now start to drive home in the dark. UG!

    Stand by.

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    They want $600 to fix the

    They want $600 to fix the problem... a new bulb. I said no way -- they had better figure out a way to make this go away. We'll see what they say.

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    My passenger side headlight

    My passenger side headlight died (or at least - I thought so!) a couple of weeks ago. The Toyota Dealer told me that it is not covered under my extended warranty as it is a bulb issue. They asked for $380 to fix it. I thought they were trying to make some money for a simple fix; I did not fix it as I was planning to take it to other non-dealer service for alternate quote. Last week, my driver-side head light died when I was driving at night (a horrifying experience)! I stopped the car on the side, turned it off, and turned it on again after few minutes and found that my driver-side headlight is working again! Just to make sure that it is going to work, I turned the HLs off and on - a couple of times. To my amusement (:-), my passenger-side HL also came back to life!

    Here is what I am thinking: Is Toyota management so dumb to not see the danger? It will need one accident (it can be fatal if lights go off at night while driving - like it did in my case) to undermine all their achievements through PRIUS. The lights work but there is an issue that is creating this dangerous safety issue. Toyota knows this and still not doing anything to fix it or recall it: thats a dangerous self-distructing business policy.
    If I'm at their higher management, I would have thought that a "Toyota Brand" reputation is worth in saving than a few million dollars; I wouldn't try to rip-off people to fix Toyota's design fault!

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    Most of the comments are

    Most of the comments are from a year ago. Has anything new happened with the NHTSA or from Toyota. Mine is a 2008 and 45,000 miles later, the same thing happened to me. Passenger headlight out. Went to dealer, told $300 to change. Obviously not much has happened with this issue since 2006! I wish I had known, I would never have bought this car. Wait till the battery goes out! God knows how much that will cost. Becasue of their lack of concern, I will NEVER buy another Toyota product. And the NHTSA is obviously in cahoots with Toyota because there is no way that The NHTSA cannot find this a terrible safety issue. Hmmmm...How much do you think it cost Toyota to keep the NHTSA quiet???? Ojur tax dollars in action....

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    NHTSB decided this is not a

    NHTSB decided this is not a safety issue (previously posted above).

    There is a class action lawsuit (also posted above) underway.

    Also posted above was a great process for taking your car to the dealer, calling toytoa customer complaint(?)s, and filing with the NHTSB.

    Looks like we all need to wait until somebody dies before our govt, or toyota do much about this.....

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    Hi Jeffrey, I have a 06

    Hi Jeffrey,

    I have a 06 Prius and just found out that the driver side lo beam is out. Read a letter from a guy saying that you had to take the inside fender and bumper cover off. Is that so? I can see the light connector but it's blocked by a black box of some sort.

    Any suggestions?

    Richard Brewster

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    Richard: The black box

    Richard: The black box contains MUCH wiring, and should not be tampered with. The procedure Toyota recommends to it's own mechanics is to remove the bumper trim, take out the screws holding the lighting module (head light, turn signal, marker light) in place and slide it forward. THEN you can get at the connectors on the back of the headlight, and replacement is simple.

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    There is at least one class

    There is at least one class Action Lawsuit in the works. Go here to help it go further http://www.wcclaw.com/CM/ClassAction...estigation.asp

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    Go to this link and become a

    Go to this link and become a facebook fan to stay informed. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Prius-...1592664?ref=ts

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    We are having the same

    We are having the same problem. In the last two years we have to replace 4 bulbs. We realize that this is one year from when you made this comment; have you had any success in getting a recall or dealer compensation or anything?


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