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    Yet one more name for the

    Yet one more name for the list. Both headlights on my 2007 Prius were affected. Either one would shut off without warning, sometimes both. If I turned them off and back on again, they would resume working.

    I was bound and determined to not have the issue repaired until Toyota (hopefully) announces a recall, but I was cited by the State Police with a Repair Order. I had 10 days to have the situation rectified. The end result was replacement of both HID bulbs at a cost of $503.

    I have a long commute to/from work and passed 36k miles in about a year and a half, so no warranty coverage.

    This is clearly not an isolated incident. Toyota needs to admit to the issue and make the people who have had to correct this problem whole.

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    First off, thank you all for

    First off, thank you all for your info... I was driving home last night when I noticed my passenger side light out. This morning it was fine. I called the dealer where I bought it and they said it was a bad light bulb - $150 labor + $150 for the part. Funny enough, when I talked to Parts, they said it sure didn't sound like a light bulb problem - exactly. So I called another dealer (Thompson in Doylestown, PA) and the service guy John (x2103) knew all about it - he said it's a bad computer blowing the bulb. So the solution is to replace the computer and the bulb. I have 51,500 miles on my 2007 Prius Touring Model (HID lights), but I have the extended platinum warranty (bought it for $900 from Toyota of Greenfield, MA) so they will cover the computer and all the labor, but I have to pay the $150 for the bulb. I called Toyota HQ and a case manager is calling me back tomorrow. Fortunately all I have to do now is ask for them to pay for the bulb ($150) since that is not technically covered under warranty. But given that the dealer is saying that the computer caused the bulb problem, this shouldn't be too hard to get accomplished. btw, I was told that Toyota has recently lowered the price of the bulb (to $150) so even though they still aren't allowing dealers to treat this for what it is (a defect) they clearly understand it should be. This is a pretty half-ass attempt to make it right. btw, my mother bought a Prius in 2001 and is now on her third one. I bought my first one in 2007 after owning two Corollas as a kid (my Porsche sits in my garage - that's how much I love my Prius), and I just convinced my brother to get the new 3rd generation Prius (under the Clunkers program). Toyota shouldn't be pissing off loyal customers... they need to take some responsibility here.

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    Update from last post ....

    Update from last post .... so when I get to the dealer, the same guy who told me it was the computer now says they have to inspect it anyway (and btw, he hadn't put my appt in the book). Frustrated, I left and hoped for the best but suspected the worst. I called them at 1pm to check-in and the woman (Beth, part of the Gold Team), told me that they had replaced both bulbs under "good will" warranty. So the new theory is that the supplier of the bulbs was at fault, and the new bulbs should be fine. They had gotten permission from their local Toyota rep to replace both bulbs on three 2007's that very same day. So I'm happy to have the new bulbs, but a little annoyed that I still can't get a straight answer ... oh well, guess we'll just drive and see. btw, I did call Toyota HQ and had a case opened, but then I called and closed it .. probably best to work it out with the local dealer first (had I known they would replace the bulbs, I wouldn't have bothered calling HQ).

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    Everything that has been

    Everything that has been posted to this blog lately has already been covered (a number of times) in previous appends. Look back a week to Cindy L.'s post. She sums up what to do pretty well. Be sure to exhaust every avenue before ponying up your hard-earned dough. I am about to turn over 100 thousand miles on my 2006, and I have already gotten three free replacements from Toyota, so I just bought a pair of HID capsules for about $100.00 on the Internet.
    (check out http://www.carhidkits.com/toyota-97/prius-hid-kit-352/)

    I will have to replace my passenger-side headlight very shortly, since it has started to wink out with increasing regularity. Both lamps can be swapped out without having to remove the bumper! I will probably replace both sides, so that oncoming drivers will be symmetrically blinded by two new 6000K bulbs.

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    Let me see if I can flesh

    Let me see if I can flesh this out a bit for the headlamps - it is in the 2008 Prius Owner's Manual and I am not a mechanic though I am mechanically inclined but I believe anyone can do this if they are attentive, careful and determined.

    Passenger side headlamp:

    Remove left-most pop-screw from black plastic bumper cover. Carefully lift left-hand side of bumper cover that you've freed and pry the plastic peg up and out that is securing the air intake. Remove the portion of the air intake that you've freed and set aside.

    Next, unplug the electrical connection to the headlamp and gently attempt to direct it to a location where it will not interfere.

    Now, unscrew rubber gasket seal by pushing down on the tab toward the inside of the car and lifting the tab opposite of it (by the passenger fender) which will cause it to rotate about 1/8th of a turn. Trick: Make sure you are rotating the gasket as far as it goes AS you attempt to loosen it from it's capture screw-ring, which is done by pulling on the tabs away from the headlamp or in the direction of the rear of the car. Tug gently but firmly to remove the rubber gasket seal after it has been released from the screw-ring - set it aside.

    Finally, locate the bail wire and push in and then up on the hook side of the wire which is toward the passenger fender.

    Remove the headlamp!

    Hope the rest is obvious! But some tips:

    Do not touch the bulb itself on the lamp you are installing (follow directions on lamp packaging)

    Once the bail wire is back in place securing the new bulb, fit the rubber gasket back on by first carefully placing the center hole around the plug end of the bulb, which can be accomplished by careful feeling with a finger through the hole of the rubber gasket seal. It took a couple tries for me to secure the rubber gasket seal in the capture screw-ring - be patient, don't force it and you will get it.

    Don't forget to plug the electrical connector back in!

    Check and make sure it works before you replace air intake portion and complete the reassembly.

    Hope this helps and will inspire someone to do it themselves - you'll get a little dirty but that's what they make soap for!

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    My 2007 just needed the

    My 2007 just needed the second headlight replaced. The first one went at 37,000 miles, just out of warranty (the dealer did let me slide for the labor) and this week the second one went at 78,000 miles. I have been driving my own cars for at least 40 years and have replaced only one other headlight in these cars. There is definitely something wrong with these lights. Why won't Toyota pony up and admit it and repair them? In these tough times Toyota should accomodate its customers or they'll be someone else's customers. A letter is going to Toyota today; hopefully I'll get a satisfactory solution to this problem.

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    I just paid to have the

    I just paid to have the second headlight replaced yesterday. The first one went at 37,000 miles, just out of warranty, now there are 78,000 miles on the car. I have owned cars for over 40 years and have replaced only one headlight in all these cars. There is definitely a problem. Toyota should pony up and take care of its customers. In these tough times, they should be accomodating their customers or soon their customers will be someone else's customers.

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    I just replaced the second

    I just replaced the second headlight on my 2007 Prius. Love the car, just don't like the headlights failing. I have owned cars for 40+ years and have replaced only one other light. Toyota definitely has a problem as evidenced by the above comments. If they want me to continue as a customer (this was my 3rd Prius) they should stand behind their product.

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    Same exact problem as

    Same exact problem as everyone else; dealership insensitivity and all. I just paid a reputable local mechanic $20 to change the bulb and it works fine. Interestingly, on my first visit to the local dealer, one of the assistants pulled me aside and asked "would you have bought the car if you knew a light bulb costs $350?"

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    I too have a problem with

    I too have a problem with the headlight HID. I have a 2006 Prius with only 18,100 miles and the driver side light went out. I messed around with it and it went back on, but while driving it went out again.
    This is just wrong of Toyota!
    There is a class action against them. Please see the link.

    Now do I pay for a new one?
    Thanks for listening.

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