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    Prius Headlights shorting

    Prius Headlights shorting out - both went out the other night, very scary on a dark road. The dealership in Santa Cruz?Capitola said the cost to replace the bulb will be $250, but how will replacing a bulb fix a short???

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    Usually, it's not the lamp's

    Usually, it's not the lamp's fault. The lamp gets blown up by a bad power supply. HID lamps do NOT run on 12Vdc. Like florescent lamps they need a power supply transformer and ballast. Usually it's the power supply board that needs changing.

    but Toyota dealers seem to be famous for replacing the lamp, but NOT the power supply. So a month later, your new $250 lamp burns out as well.

    First, find out if you Prius has the standard lamps, or the HID lamps. Then find a REPUTABLE service shop to fix the problem RIGHT.

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    I have 40K and 4 years on my

    I have 40K and 4 years on my '05. I just change both my Headlight bulbs(not HID) about 1 month ago. Even those were a bitch to get to. Took me a little over an hour. Might take me 30 minutes top for next time. Probably pretty soon since I found out my Sylvania Silverstars won't last a year. Probably looking for Sylvania XV or Osram Silverstars(Euro) for replacement.

    Got to them partially by feel. Didn't realize I was suppose to take off the bumper. I heard the Yaris manual also recommend removing the bumper. Thank G.O.D I didn't get a Pri with HID.

    Oh yeah, my previous life was a mechanic. (Not Auto)

    Email me if you like to know my experience with the Infamous Silverstars on my Pri.

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    Why isn't there a recall on

    Why isn't there a recall on this issue? I have actually had both headlight go out at the same time....turn off and back on and they're fine. You never know when it might happen and they are so darn expensive it's ridiculous!

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    Recalls only happen after

    Recalls only happen after you have dozens and dozens of dead bodies on the highway.

    No car is EVER recalled because of "danger" or "hazard".

    You MUST have a substancial body count to get recalled.

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    Same problem - 2006 Prius,

    Same problem - 2006 Prius, Pkg 7. First time we had the problem was actually very shortly after purchase ... the dealer checked every connection and could not find anything ... they isolated the problem to a short in the bulb itself - their words, not mine. they paid for the replacement. passenger side developed same problem later ... we had to pay, but dealership comped us the labor. we called the regional guy for toyota and complained, as we have had several other electrical problems: window motor burned out, both tail lights have gone out, brake light ... seems to be generally a crappy electrical system ... toyota basically did nothing for us ... now driver's side bulb has developed prob again ... 3 bulbs in 3 years ... i have driven other cars more than 10 years and never replaced a single bulb! so now i want to change this bulb myself ... any advice on a source? i have xenon HID bulbs.

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    Same with me. 2004 Prius.

    Same with me. 2004 Prius. Bought used. Replaced my driver side headlight. $350!!!!

    Someone PLEASE do something about this?

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    My headlights eventually

    My headlights eventually both went black at the same time! I followed these steps I found from someone else, and it worked! Car was fixed free of charge:

    If you are experiencing the Toyota Prius HID headlight defect failure you may be looking at a repair cost of up to $1,800. Here's a recommended approach for getting Toyota to take responsibility for the defect and to minimize your out-of-pocket expense:

    1) Take your car to your dealer's service department and tell them that the HID headlight(s) are unexpectedly shutting off. Let the service writer know that you are aware that this is a common problem with HID equipped Prius (seems to be mostly 2005-2007). You should mention that the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has registered over 480 Prius HID headlight safety complaints. You can review the complaints by downloading the attached NHTSA database file or visiting the NHTSA database at: http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/complaints/index.cfm. You can also mention Toyota's Technical Service Bulletin: T-SB-0030-08 "HID Headlight System - Diagnostic Tips". If your car is still within the 3 year / 36K mile warranty period then Toyota should cover the repair cost 100%. If your service writer tells you that the repair is not covered (he may say that the bulbs are not covered under the warranty or point out that your car is beyond the 3 year / 36K mile warranty period) then ask if the service manager would contact Toyota corporate and seek Toyota's approval to cover the cost under Toyota's customer goodwill or loyalty program. If your dealer refuses to fix the HID defect free of charge then get a repair quote and move on to step 2.

    2) Call the Toyota "Customer Experience Center" (This is Toyota's corporate customer service) at 1-800-331-4331. State that you have a safety defect with the headlights on your Prius. Say that you would like to report the problem to Toyota and open a case asking that Toyota repair the defect at no cost to you. The customer experience center representatives are extremely polite and will offer to open a case. They will supply you with a case number. They may take your information immediately or they may have someone call you back. You may want to call the 800 number and ask for Teresa at extension 73837. Teresa is very knowledgeable and helpful. She will know exactly what you are talking about when you mention the Prius headlight issue. You should be polite but firm. This is a serious safety problem and you know that it is a common problem on HID equipped Prius. They may start out by offering to cover 20% to 50% of the repair cost. Be firm and insist on 100% coverage.

    3) File a formal safety complaint with the NHTSA.
    Headlights that unexpectedly shut off while driving is clearly a safety issue. And it does appear that HID headlight equipped Prius indeed contain a design defect. Reporting a safety defect to the NHTSA is the first step in forcing Toyota to conduct a recall.

    There are three ways to file a complaint:
    Call the Vehicle Safety Hotline
    Call 1-888-327-4236 or 1-800-424-9393 toll free (1-800-424-9153, for use by persons with hearing impairments)

    File the complaint on-line
    File the complaint on-line at the NHTSA vehicle safety Web site: www.safercar.gov. Select “File a Complaint” within the Defects and Recalls section of the home page.

    U.S. Mail
    Send a letter to:
    U.S. Department of Transportation
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
    Office of Defects Investigation (NVS-210)
    1200 New Jersey Avenue SE

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    Please add my name to the

    Please add my name to the list!!!!

    The dealer was sympathetic (yeah right) and offered to replace both at once for $550. It would take 2 hours of labor. The bumper needs to be removed. (This is not even accurate and is a glaring rip-off. Everything that dealer does is overcharged by a factor of 2. We walked into a warranty that requires that they do the service (and my wife is a little conservative.....)

    Nothing related to the lights is covered under warranty (2007, 32k miles).. I would not have bought the car if I had know this BS would come up.

    I don't give a rip about HID bulbs. I just want a simple, reliable car that gets good mileage. It is actually cramped and quite small // so you better make sure you are not taller than 5' 10". They made the decision NOT to let the drivers side seat go back anywhere as far as it should. The space is there. Maybe Japanese tend to be shorter.

    I am looking for the solution to the light issue that I can take to my local mechanic, complete with a cheap bulb and explicit shop instructions. When/if I can pull this off, I will add a complete and explicit report to this blog. The mechanic is good, reasonable, and smart.

    Please forward manual pages or / where can I get them? The shop manual may cost $900.

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    I am reading this blog for

    I am reading this blog for the first time, having just lost my drivers' side light -- or had it just go flaky. It worked at the dealer -- you get the drift.

    I am going to contract GM and FORD. They have and are developing new hybrids. They just might be interested in debunking the Toyota quality myth -- and the serious lack of ethics. Please add my name to any list.

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