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    Check this out. I wonder if

    Check this out. I wonder if it will work? Two conversion kits with two headlights and two computers and all wiring and instructions.


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    The headlight problem on the

    The headlight problem on the Prius is not with the headlights themselves it is a faulty ECU board. HID headlights should last at least 3,000 hours or about 90,000 miles for the average driver. (www.jdpower.com) (mine is a 2006 with 85,000 and the bulbs are fine). The problem is that Toyota is banking on the fact that they can continue to fleece its customers by telling them that the bulbs dim, flicker, have filaments that burn out, and a bunch of other garbage. When an HID headlight burns out, it burns out, just like any other light bulb. It won't magically come back on (customer service said it was a safety issue to warn drivers that it needs to be replaced) SAFETY??? Driving down the road in the middle of the night and having your headlights fail completely is a "safety mechanism". BS!

    The problem is a power interruption with the ECU board that powers the headlights. STOP replacing headlights and start filing complaints to the NHTSA, and Toyota customer service!

    Another issue that I will warn you about is the ABS/Regnerative braking system. I had my brakes replaced by a non-toyota mechanic. (Sorry, It's routine maintence, and any mechanic should be able to replace brakes, change headlights, oil, etc.) When he finished bleeding the brakes the ABS remained on. He drove it and noticed the driver's side rear brake was sticking. Hooked it to the computer and nothing kicked out a code. He called Advanced Auto parts where we bought the brakes and they had a service warning that indeed it will not kick out a code and the rear brakes will stick. The fix was to take it to a "toyota certified mechanic". So, I called the dealership and was told, "yes, we need to reset the system for you (for $84 = ONE hour of labor!!) but in the mean time it's perfectly safe to drive you just don't have ABS." Well, I drove it the next day. I had a car pull out in front of me. I hit the brakes and did a 180 into oncoming traffic at 50 mph. Luckily I was not killed! I called Toyota customer service and informed them of the issue, and the fact that I had already reported it to the NHTSA, as well as being in the process of looking for a lawyer willing to file a class action lawsuit. Within 30 minutes I recieved a call back from customer service, they agreed that it was a safety issue and stated that they will be putting out a service warning. They also said, "ma'am, the dealership where your car is currently also noticed that your ECU board may be faulty when they were servicing your brakes. We are going to replace it for you free of charge." HHHMMM... magically they want to replace the other problem I've been fighting with them for 6 months now once I told them I filed a complaint. Seriously, this car is a death trap. The only way to force a recall is to report it to the NHTSA. Stop letting Toyota get away with this!

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    I have the same problem with

    I have the same problem with both headlights, primarily the passenger. I understand it is the ballast thing on the HID headlights....yes I think that Toyota should fix it, yes I filed a complaint because this is a safety issue and changing the bulb doesn't fix anything...

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    The NHTSA has started an

    The NHTSA has started an investigation. The NHTSA Action # PE09019. They have requested a ton of information from Toyota which is due 7/24/09. There has been over 100 cases of both lights going off at the same time at speeds up to 70 MPH. Go to NHTSA to get the Defect Investigation; bring to dealership or mention when call Toyota. And MOST IMPORTANT, file a complaint with the NHTSA!

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    First of all, I love the

    First of all, I love the Prius and won't buy anything else as the overall quality of the vehicle is great! I also had the problem with the driver headliight going out on me intermittently. I traded that 2007 model in for a 2008 model and at almost the exact same mileage the driver headlight went out. I have 61,000 miles on the vehicle now and the car is starting to lose both headlights. I recently noticed that turning them off and back on quickly resolved the problem only now it seems to go off sooner and my high beams are also failing. I keep my fog lamps on just in case all else fails when driving at night. We just returned from a vacation in the smoky mountains. I was driving around the winding mountain roads and wahlaa! Out go the lights. You wanna talk about a sonnabitch moment! Toyota needs to do something about this. I took the care to the dealership and was quoted $380 parts & labor to fix the problem. That was just for one light. I'm thinking about just using standard halogen bulbs. Anyone know if that is ok to do?

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    I have same problem with

    I have same problem with 2005 Prius with conventional bulbs...

    5 min and 10 min solutions will be great! Any information will be very helpful to me.

    Please help.

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    If you have the "standard"

    If you have the "standard" filament lamps (not HID) then headlight change is a :30 job, and new lamps cost less than $10.

    DO NOT GO TO TOYOTA!!! They will rip you off!

    Bulb are mounted on a 1/4 turn socket that just pulls out from the back of the bulb housing.

    HID lamps are a little more involved. Need to use a screwdriver to pull some trim off the car, to get a bulb housing. But still nothing you can't do yourself. Or local garage can do for only a few $$$.

    See previous posts on this topic.

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    Sounds like the case

    Sounds like the case referenced above "The NHTSA Action # PE09019" has been closed. http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/pr...h&summary=true

    Does no exist my @ss.

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    you probally have to take

    you probally have to take off the front bumper but IAm not sure if you send me a picture of the engine i could tell you but most likely you have to I work on a toyota prius 2006 and it had the same problem with the head lights

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    My 2005 Prius with HID

    My 2005 Prius with HID headlights has begun to behave as everyone here has so well described. I have been stopped only once so far (I guess I have been lucky). The problem is the passenger side headlight that randomly goes out and does come back after turning them off and on again.

    Another problem I have had intermittently that may be related (??) is that my car alarm goes off in the middle of the night for no apparent reason (changing out the small battery in the front and emptying the overhead sunglass compartment did not solve the problem).

    After reading the entries in this blog I am confused about some things:

    1. Is NHTSA or Toyota planning to offer a solution to a serious this serious safety issue ?

    2. If not, is there an active class action lawsuit in the works ? If so, can someone please post the contact info.

    3. Does replacement of any of the parts (bulb, ballast, electronics, etc.) remedy the problem ? If so, can the replacement be done without resorting to a mechanic ? Are the parts readily available at Pep Boys, etc., or only Toyota ?

    4. Does replacement with non-HID lightbulbs remedy the problem ? Is it safe to operate the car with an HID and non-HID headlight, or must they both be replaced ?

    Thank you for the information.

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