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    I have the same problem.

    I have the same problem. Took the car to the local dealer and he wanted to charge me about $400 for replacing passenger side headlight bulb. Which includes the $158 for the bulb itself and rest for the labor. Which according to me is a bull... but came home and went online and found a pair of headlight for 06 prius for $10.00 (including shipping). Going to post the message once I get them and whether they work or not!!

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    I am having the sam problem

    I am having the sam problem with my 2007 Prius. took to Toyota today to be told after a three hour wait it could be the bulb for $191 or the chip $349 which was not covered by my extended warrenty. I love my car but hate the cost of repairs.

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    our 2006 Prius has the

    our 2006 Prius has the dropping headlamp problem and the problem was the headlamp computer board covered under an extended warranty. Don't let them sell you a new bulb, it probably does not need it.

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    Same problem as posted above

    Same problem as posted above with my 2006 Prius. Just got the passenger side light replaced for $252.21 and two days later the drivers side light has the same problem. Thank God for this forum. I was feeling mighty peeved at this expense. Called the suggested Toyota number 800-331-4331 and they were very friendly and helpful. They knew about the problem, assigned me to a case worker and will coordinate with my dealer to get the problem resolved. Exactly what they will reimburse and what I have to pay for it still unknown but at least I won't be paying it all.

    Thank you to everyone who posted before me. Certainly helped my day.

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    Hey Prius Owners... I've

    Hey Prius Owners...
    I've been a "die-hard" Toyota fan... but in today's economic times... consumers are only going to buy or make purchases from auto makers that TAKE CARE OF THEIR CUSTOMERS, especially issues that could jeopardize the safety of their consumers! If it's customer satisfaction and reliability you all seek, take a look at the 2010 HONDA INSIGHT? It's a carbon copy of the Prius styling and look, gas mileage and price tag. If Toyota doesn't want to admit they have a "recallable" issue... I'm going over to HONDA for my next purchase! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

    Good Luck to all of you still having Prius electrical issues... be safe out there.

    May GOD keep you and be with you all,

    JR from Indiana

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    My Prius dealer told me bulb

    My Prius dealer told me bulb replacement would involve removing the bumper, for a whole lot of time and money.
    My local mechanic, just squeezed his hand in there and did it, for very little time and money.

    Guess which option I chose.

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    The moral of the story, find

    The moral of the story, find a mechanic with small hands.

    Damn, I miss the good old days of child labor.

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    I changed my own bulbs in my

    I changed my own bulbs in my 2006 Prius in 30 minutes for the paltry sum of 37.99 + tax (usd). Tight fit but I got them pulled out and replaced. I came here to complain about the size of the opening but never mind...Page 420 in your owner's manual...

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    TOYOTA CALLED AND SAID THEY WILL PAY THE DEALER DIRECTLY AND THERE WILL BE NO OUT OF POCKET COST TO ME!!!!! ----- I have a 2007 Prius with 42k miles on it. My headlights have been going on and off for a while now. I recently got a fix it ticket in California so I took the car to the dealer. Guess what? Not under warranty! Both HID lights need to be replaced for a total of $450. I left the car at the dealer and called Toyota at 800-3331-4331. They opened a case file for me. The next day a case worker called me and told me that they would pay the parts and I would cover the labor. (they would reimburse me) I told her I did not have the $450 and would have to wait to do the repair. She told me she would check to see if they could pay the dealer directly and call me back. Within a few minutes, the dealer called me and said Toyota is paying for the repair and my car will be ready tomorrow. Right after that TOYOTA CALLED AND SAID THEY WILL PAY THE DEALER DIRECTLY AND THERE WILL BE NO OUT OF POCKET COST TO ME!!!!! I still love my Prius! Toyota came thru for me. I was ready for a fight, but did not have to at all!

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    I tried that number and it

    I tried that number and it brought me to family life. Any other thoughts?

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