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    I recently had the passenger

    I recently had the passenger side headlight burn out on my 2008 Prius. I got a bulb from NAPA for less than $9, then went to the internet to see how to install it and wasted hours with some "really bad" instructions!
    Long story made short, I was able to remove a black plastic shield near the windshield washer tank, then get my hand behind the headlamp and unplug the connection and rotate a soft rubber cover counter clock-wise exposing a wire bail which holds the bulb in place, I then removed and replaced the bulb.
    The whole process took about 15 minutes, I hope this helps.

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    How do we get a copy of the

    How do we get a copy of the shop manual specific to changing the headlights? I also have a 2008 Prius and the only thing I want are just the instructions to change the two headlights. I'm not that mechanical but the Toyota dealer wants $150 for a half-hour job plus $150 per bulb. So that's $300 per bulb and my guess is when one blows, the other one is close behind - can we say RIP!!!

    Is there any good website that shows specifically how to change the two headlights on an '08 Prius? Are the second-generation Prius' all the same or is each year different?

    Any info would be really great! Thanks.

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    I have a 2005 Prius with NAV

    I have a 2005 Prius with NAV and HID lights.
    Problem started when drivers side headlight would flicker and go off from time to time.........Then whenever it feels like it all the lights will go out!!!!! VERY Scary when driving down a country road at 55 mph with my 13 year old son!!!! If we would have been going around the corner at the time IT WOULD HAVE BEEN REALLY BAD!!!!

    When I tirned the lights on and off and back on they work fine for awile......WTF!?!?!

    Toyota has really seemed to lose control of quality over the years.....I'm going ack to Honda/Acura next time.

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    I had a headlight go out on

    I had a headlight go out on my 2008 Prius. The owner's manual and Toyota website provided NO help on how to change the bulb. Thanks to this website, and the videos you all directed me to on YouTube, we got it done. It took us 90 minutes--or about 80 minutes longer than it should have. It's a poor design by Toyota--it's almost as if they went out of their way to make changing a headlight bulb as difficult as possible.

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    another victim of the

    another victim of the un-trusted mechanics. should done that by yourself or ask your friends who know about changing a light bulb, for god's sake, it's just open a bumper and change a light bulb. you can read about it in this 2012 Car Reviews Line. next time you need to change the light bulb or the mechanics try to rob you, you should complain and go to other trusted dealership.

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    2006 prius; bought and

    2006 prius; bought and installed left light and now neither works. wtf. i'm appauled at the number of complaints here and nothing done about it. maybe we need to occupy the toyota dealerships

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    Hey, guys stop listening to

    Hey, guys
    stop listening to the nonsence. I have 2006 Prius with the same problem - headlights went out in 4 years (both within 1 week), looked in the manual + on the net at how to change the bulb, and followed the instructions for both sides. My problem was I bought the most inexpensive ones ($8.99), so in a month or so both gave in. Bought the ones for ~$20, replaced the same way, nice and easy, [just pull your hand through to the bulb, disconnect the wireplug, unscrew the rubber cover by the 3 sticking out pieces of rubber, release the spring-wire and pull out the bulb - that's it, backwards to put the new bulb in] and they work for 3 years now. Oh yes, after I have replaced the bulbs he first time, I happened to be at the dealership for my free oil-change for another car, asked them about the bulb replacement, they said "around $300" I said "what are you guys going to do? you can take half the car apart for that money" They said "that's what we're going to do exactly" I said "but why? you can do it with one hand in 5-6 minutes" They said "Toyota suggests to do it this way". I DO NOT TRUST THEM SINCE... (not that I did before, but that just proved to me how they fool people)

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    Do you have the HID lights.

    Do you have the HID lights. I understand that there are two different types for the 2008 Prius.

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    Just took my 07 Prius to

    Just took my 07 Prius to Lucious Garage in SF for a headlamp replacement. The estimate that I got by phone was for around $130, including the $98 bulb. Not bad, considering some of the horror quotes I've seen on this site (by the way, you can get the HID bulbs at Amazon for less than $50).

    I made an appointment and pulled into the garage right on time. Now for the long wait, right? Wrong! Carolyn dropped what she was working on at the time and went right to work on my car. You mean they actually KEEP their appointment times?? Correct, and that's rare.

    Now, she pulls out the bulb and says, "Oh, lucky you...you have the inexpensive type, only 10 bucks! She replaced the bulb, then replaced both parking light bulbs,,,for FREE...and I was out of the shop in 20 mins.

    Totla cost: $40.

    I also asked her about replacement costs if my big battery gives out. She said that they get used batteries from wrecks & other sources to use as replacements. The job would be about $800.

    I'm amazed that she doesn't have every hybrid owner in the Bay area lined up at her door.

    I intend to be a steady customer at Lucious.

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    Within the past six months

    Within the past six months at different times I have replaced both headlight bulbs on my 2008 Prius myself.
    I bought my bulbs at NAPA for less than $9 each.
    On the 2008 you remove only one plastic piece and install them from the top. There is a rubber diaphram (approx 4 inches in dia) to rotate and remove, and then a wire bail which holds the bulb in place. It unhooks at one end.
    The whole replacement takes about twenty minutes and is all done from under the hood. I hope this helps. Wm

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