I had two separate $600 estimates to replace bulbs in my Prius. The response from these mechanics when they heard my gasp was that the bulbs cost $200-$250 and labor $120 because the whole bumper has to be taken off. They also recommended changing both bulbs to save on eventual labor charges in the future. This was enough for me to start an internet search to figure out how to do it myself. I ran across this youtube clip and realized that Luscious Garage is near me... hurrah!
I went there yesterday and had the bulb on the passenger side replaced with a standard bulb. The job took 10 minutes (plus the time it took for the mechanic to give me an in-service on how to change it myself next time.) The charge...$40!!! ($10 for bulb and $30 labor) Here's a link to their website.
Check out the editorials (blogs) about Toyota-important info for all of us to know about. Toyota has apologized for their dealers gouging Prius owners and are offering reimbursements. Also, note the comment about HID bulbs. Less about being better than about being just "way cool" and high tech!