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    All - I am moving forward

    All - I am moving forward with purchasing the OEM HID Bulbs from HighPerformanceBulbs.com - as others have suggested...

    A pair of OEM Phillips bulbs are $154.99 - link:

    They also offer the aftermarket bulbs as well for $54.99 per pair - link: http://www.highperformancebulbs.com/hipexed4rhid.html

    I'll report back on my installation.

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    I just replaced both of my

    I just replaced both of my headlights myself. While the drivers side was alot harder to get to the passenger side was very easy and all I removed was the large plastic piece on the front of the motor and a small piece on the back side of each light. I also ordered the headlights from a place online for about $130. They did not offer quick shipping so I had to wait for 2 weeks but they are just what I needed. If you take your time and use a small flat mirror to look to see what you need to do first you will be fine getting them replaced. One thing I have noticed about foreign made cars is they want you to go to the dealership to fix things but keep searching online you will find what you need to make the replacements.

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    I'm running into the same

    I'm running into the same problem with my 2006 Prius. My right goes out every now and then and my left is just out. Dealer says it's the ballast not the light. What did you end up doing with your headlights? Get them fixed?

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    HI I need to replaced my

    I need to replaced my second head lamp for my Prius 2005. Do all the Prius's use the same bulb/lamp?
    Just why are they so expensive? If Prius was trying to please the customer wouldn't they have chosen a bulb more affordable?

    Could you please tell me where in Napa I could find a replacement for under $100? My dealership is asking $500 and they lowered that first replacement to $250. Which tells me alot of this is tacked on charges.
    I sure could use some help here.


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    I keep reading about the

    I keep reading about the 'issue' with headlights and can't tell. Are there two separate issues that have separate solutions or are the dealerships just replacing headlights without diagnosing?
    I have an '06 bought used that I am experiencing the intermittent head light outage -- Reading about HID's would lead me to believe that the issue is the wiring not the bulb - if you can turn off and back on and the light works then the bulb should not be the first point of repair.
    Wiring diagnosis is ont easy but it is probably more the issue of an intermittent short or the ballast not working properly. HID's are notoriously sensitive to having sufficient voltage.

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    We have a 2007 Prius, lost

    We have a 2007 Prius, lost the driver side headlamp and cost $250 to replace, parts and labor. Initially when I popped the hood to check out how to replace this bulb I could not figure out how to even get to the bulb. Thats when I called the dealer and found out the bumper assembly had to be removed for installation. And the cost of the bulb alone? A whopping $150.
    With such hillbilly engineering one would think Toyota would warranty these headlamps for 100,000 miles or so. What I thought would be a $10-$15 at home fix turned into $250 with two hours at the shop.
    This is what I get for being a loyal Toyota customer. Never again will I buy a Toyota.

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    Our 2007 Prius driver's side

    Our 2007 Prius driver's side headlamp started flickering about 6 months ago at 40K. I am a do-it-yourself type and bought replacement bulbs off of eBay for $100/pair. After hours of tinkering, I finally got the old bulbs out and the new ones in. Now the light is flickering again! My wife spent a long time on the phone with Toyota- who told her "if enough people complain, maybe we will fix it" and touted "company loyality" ( I service the car myself- they have computerized records of servicing at the dealer)-and denied knowledge of any class-action lawsuits. This will be our last Toyota...........

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    Add me to the list, 2007

    Add me to the list, 2007 Prius, 49K Passenger side. Cost me $247.87 to replace, Dealership said the bulb was 177.00 They knocked off -$42.00 dollars from the total bill!

    This has to be defect.

    What we save in gas we spend on light bulbs. Thanks Yota!

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    Tabitha, did the light turn

    Tabitha, did the light turn pink before going out and was it HID?

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    I just had the drivers side

    I just had the drivers side headlamp replaced, total cost $284.89. Did not take it to the dealer but to a local mechanic, the part/bulb cost me $196.25, labor $70.00
    When I got home, I got on line and found this exact part I needed for $37.50. My mechanic bought the parts from Alan Jay's toyota dealership and I'm sure upped the price quite a bit. I am thankful my man was able to fix my problem as I hate to go to a dealership, they will nickle and dime you to death, especially Ft. Myers dealership. I think I will order a part on line just in case the passenger side goes out.

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