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    I've had two Prius'. My 2006

    I've had two Prius'. My 2006 has headlight problems. I too, love my Prius, and came here to get instructions on how to install my own headlight. Shouldn't we send this site to Consumer's - Newspapers, etc. Think people should be informed about this problem, so they can decide if an Insight might be a better deal.
    Maybe if this problem showed up on a CAR TV show - Toyota would due a recall - like the brakes.....

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    I have a 2007 Prius. Both

    I have a 2007 Prius. Both headlights have gone out, one at about 35K (which was under warranty). The second went out at about 39K and I called Toyota. Toyota (via a woman named Heather who said she is a Chicago regional manager) led me to believe they would cover the cost of the repair because this is a "known issue," but I had to pay for the repair upfront. It cost $230 at a Chicago-area dealer. After the repair, Heather said Toyota would cover parts at $150, but not labor, which is not what they initially led me to believe. The bottom line is this is a Toyota problem - clearly they purchased and installed subquality headlights - and there should be a recall. Contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration hotline at 888-327-4236 or online at http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/ivoq/index.cfm to file a complaint, even if you've done the repairs. I just did. Also, if you have this problem, make sure you contact Toyota headquarters at 800-331-4331 to make them pay for at least part of it. Heather, if you're in Chicagoland, is at x73833. Just don't believe her if she says Toyota will pay for the whole thing.

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    Yes what you say is true.

    Yes what you say is true. With a few false ideas. What i look at when buying a car, is first who gets the money. Since the 1960 and 1970, and 1980 kids are buying German and japan our quality of life keeps going down hill. The $13000 that my dad made per year I need to make $87000 to live the same life. my kids have nothing till I die and give them my million dollars. This is money i have saved by buing American cars and driving them 20 years plus. Sure Toy and Bmw, etc are made in USA. At farm land that we got food from. Less farm land, higher prices for food. Lost thousands of jobs when our factories closed, but german and japan gave us a few hundend jobs when they came here. Also sure some parts last longer on those cars, but if they cost $$$$ more than American cars savings are gone.Lastly people say americans are poor quality. Well who is working at the german, japan car places in the USA? Also does that mean you in your job isn't doing the best you can?
    Go to japan and german and see all the cars made in USA, england, Italy. No way. these countries protect thier industries first then screw Ameican. We don't need another world war. We will lose when the other countries stop shipping products to us. I could go on and on, but keep buying japan. I am in the last 20 years of my life and will be able to still live the american dream. I am just sad that i had children and there life is not as good as I had.

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    Same problem with the

    Same problem with the headlamps. Add me to any list for a class action suit.

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    Add another "yup" to the

    Add another "yup" to the list.

    I have a '04 Prius with about 110K miles.
    Never had to replace the headlights before.

    One headlight and one foglight were out, so I chose to replace both headlights (to leverage some of the labor cost) and the one foglight.

    Estimate was just under $600.
    I'm actually thinking I got a bargain for 3 lights compared to what some have paid for 1.

    But, this still feels like robbery.
    My expectation was to spend $100-200, max.

    Hopefully I'll be able to go another 100K miles before having to replace these!! Ouch!!

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    Same headlight issue. We

    Same headlight issue. We took it to the dealer and they said the headlight ECU needed to be replaced. That was under warranty, but after an entire day wasted at the dealership getting the car serviced the problem still remains. Now they want $500 to replace the headlight - similar to what other people have stated here.

    I just submitted my contact info to get updates on the class action suit, thanks for posting the link.


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    I have the flickering

    I have the flickering headlight on the passenger side. I just received a letter from Toyota stating that you only need to replace the bulb for these problems and they have decreased the cost of the bulb from 300 to 150 saying that 300 was excessive. I would say that both are excessive.

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    2007 Prius headlights went

    2007 Prius headlights went out on a dark mountain road.

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    Well it took me quite a

    Well it took me quite a while, but i read this blog completely through. My assessment on this whole thing; not a bulb problem, something prior to that in the circuit path. Headlight problems in the non HID systems also, make me lean that way. I've owned a multitude of cars in my 35 years of driving, and the # of times i've had to change a headlight, other than a result of an accident, can be counted on 1 hand! Headlights generally last quite a while. Most cars i've owned never needed replacements. Toyota, (in my humble opinion), is trying to "weasel out" of any responsibility. I just received "the letter" offering a 50% discount on bulbs. A move to appease the submissive, not admitting fault on their part. AND, they're still making profit on the bulbs they sell! HELLO AMERICA, WAKE UP!!! The # of people having to replace multiple times, of short lifespan timeframes, tells the story. I'll try to get results from my dealer this week, although i don't have a "warm, fuzzy" feeling about it, LOL! Mine is an '06, with less than 40K miles. The driver's side is the fickle one. Works, goes out, comes back, etc., etc....TOTAL B.S., a definite safety issue, and one that Toyota should research, find a fix, and "pony up" the complementary repairs for all owners!!! Wish me luck with a "comp" fix this week. Because if that's not the case, i'll do things myself. AND, should that happen, i'll post exactly what i find out doing it, right here, for at least all '06 owners to benefit from! OH YES... Let's all notify NTSB, NHTSA & Toyota corporate about this travesty, make some noise before someone does get killed from "lights out"!!!

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    I also love my 07 Prius, but

    I also love my 07 Prius, but the headlights have become horrible.

    One shuts down. I turn them on and off and they both run fine for a while. Then it shuts off again or maybe the other shuts down or sometimes they both go off and I'm driving in darkness.

    I'm currently at the dealership and they ate jut giving me the run around. It's horrible. They quoted 4 hundred plus dollars to fix it and I told them exactly how ridiculous that was. I have been a loyal customer of Keyes Toyota and done all my servicing there, that will nit be the case now.

    The service guy asked if I had had any other problems with the car!!!! Haaa. I said no. But I guess they think that makes this maaaaajor problem ok. So lame!!!!

    Extremely Beyond Words Frustrated,


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