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    Hi, I found this site

    Hi, I found this site because my Prius headlights suck in the amount of light they give and I was trying to find a fix. I saw all the other posts about the first headlight problem I had, so I thought I should post....

    I had to replace my 2006 Prius headlights three times at two different dealerships. The third time, I finally got one of the mechanics to admit that they have a lot of Prius' with headlight problems. I decided to be the squeaky wheel and called Toyota headquarters in Torrance, CA through their 800# several times. After several calls, I got them to replace the headlight again (through a local dealership) and refund me the money for the other two times. I'm pretty sure they replaced something besides the headlight because I haven't had any further issues for two years now.

    The rep that helped me was sure to throw in a disclaimer that the money they were refunding was "an act of goodwill" and was not an admittance of an ongoing issue.

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    Hey, same issue here three

    Hey, same issue here three years ago with my 2006. My car was less than a year old and I replaced my headlights twice and on the third visit to the dealership, a mechanic admitted its a common issue. So instead of replacing it again, I called the 800# on Toyota's site several times (over two weeks) and they finally arranged to have my headlight replaced again. I was the annoying customer caller, but needed to be. They also refunded my money for the other two replacements (I had to fax in receipts) and they made sure to throw in the disclaimer that the money was "an act of goodwill" and not an admittance of an ongoing issue.

    I'm positive they replaced something other than the headlight because I haven't had the issue since 2007.

    On another note, I don't think the Prius headlights give off enough light. Any fixes, please let me know.

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    FWIW: I changed out my 2005


    I changed out my 2005 driver HID light myself without taking the bumper off. Watch the YouTube video to see how the lamp asszembly/housing comes apart and you can actually stick your hand in there and do it from the top. You will need to remove the fuse box cpover and the nearest two big fuses to get leverage. Also, a small mirror to look at the wire pins, etc... help also. It took me all of 4o minutes.

    PePBoys has the HID lamp (Osram 35w 4300) bulb for $119. You can get it online cheaper but I wanted it today.

    Good luck!

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    About the 2004 headlights.

    About the 2004 headlights. According to the owners manual you don't have to take off the bumper to put in a new headlight. I had my local mechanic do it for thirty bucks. I put in the hot blue lights and now one blew out or maybe the wire is loose but check out the manal and you will see that you merely take off the front cover and then unplug the connector. The unplugging of the connector is tricky and I don't know the name of the tool. Its kind of a sideways plier. So yeah either do it yourself with the user manual or bring it to the local guy who you trust, (there are so many bad mechanics out there) and have them do it.

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    I just got a letter from

    I just got a letter from Toyota saying that they will reimburse anybody who has had to replace the headlight bulbs etc. and the headlight ECU if you had to replace that, though they admit it didn't need to be replaced. They are also dropping the price of the bulb to $150 as they realized the other price was to high.
    I fought with them for two months before they reimbursed me for the price of my bulb replacement, which was actually $480.
    So everybody here who kept hounding them payed off in the end.
    Good job, and good luck.

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    I got my letter also. This

    I got my letter also. This does not fix the problem. The lights still go out and Toyota makes $300.00 in parts, not including labor. Its a pacification of the REAL problem. I'm glad that those who paid for unnecessary repairs are getting reimbursed, but we still need to keep up the pressure for a recall on this problem. As I read the entries, seems to me that even replacing bulbs does not correct the problem as many times folks have to have work done several times? Join the Class Action @ http://www.girardgibbs.com/Prius.asp...%20hid&_kt=c46...

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    I've been reading all of

    I've been reading all of these comments about the problems with the headlamps on the Prius, here, and on other websites. I don't have a Prius, but have been shopping for a pre-owned one. I've wanted a Prius for a long time, but, after reading all of this, I think I'll just have to settle for a Civic Hybrid :-(. I'm so dissappointed, but I can't afford a car with such an expensive problem. Besides, all of this has shaken my confidence in Toyota, along with the "floormat problem", and I've read many complaints of the paint chipping too easily. I'm very dissappointed in Toyota. I wonder if they're having the same problems with the ones that are made in Japan? Sad. I think I'll call Toyota and let them know how their terrible handling of all of this has affected my decision. I hope you all win that class action law suit!

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    Well it seems I just joined

    Well it seems I just joined hundreds of Prius owners on on this "rip Off" on replacing a headlight bulb. First off at 80 years old, I am not crawling under the car, or open the hood to go inside of the engine compartment unit to fix it even if I knew how. The next real problem was stopped by police and detained about 20 minutes checking to be sure my car was not stolen??Then I turned the deadlights on & off and sure enough the left (drivers side) went on, but the officer said I must give you a ticket as there was no light on when I was stopped. I had to have the light replaced in 24 hours to have the summons voided out. So off I went to the dealer. who are nice enough to the tune of $150.00 for the bulb, plus $80 for labor plus tax. for a grand total of $250.00. I was tole this was a real bargin as the bulb has a $300 retail, and Toyota people are giving us a break. I think ( hard to recall) but in my 62 years of driving, I might have replaced a seal beam once, if at all. Oh, I forgot the passengers side looked dim and they suggested I replace that bulb also. So whatever money I saved on gas ( reason why I bought the 2007 Prius,
    just went out the window). As soon as things change around a bit and see what the other makers are doing, like Ford or Chevy, thats when the Prius gets traded in. I see by the hundred of letters posted here, it is a waste of time, to even consider Toyota to do a recall I see it does not pay to be loyal and have all your work done at the dealer, like oil change, tire rotation etc.So this is where we get seperated, and for good reason

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    Gary, You say you have

    You say you have learned how to replace you bulbs. My passenger side bulb is out but when I try to replace it, the W/S washer tank is in the way. Do you have any suggestions on how to remove it?

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    You need a screwdriver

    You need a screwdriver (phillips) and if you have a power screwdriver, even better.

    You need to remove the plastic cover from the front bumper. It's held on by about 14 screws. A few on top, but most on the underside of the bumper. You will need to lay on the ground, on your back to get at them, so you want to do this INDOORS.

    After the bumper trim is off, you will see the screws that hold the "Headlight Assembly" in place. That's the whole unit that contains the headlight, turn signal and parking light.

    You unscrew and pull forward (gently) the whole headlight assembly, and then just take the bulb out of the back, it's a quarter-turn lock.

    Then re-assemble.

    There is NOT enough room behind the headlight to remove it while the headlight assembly is mounted in the car.

    With a power screwdriver, about a 20 minute job. If you have to take all those screws out and back with a hand screwdriver, you will need to go slow, or have a very strong wrist.

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