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    The filament breaks and

    The filament breaks and sometimes when you turn off/on it welds itself together.
    It won't stay fixed.

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    The filament is broken.

    The filament is broken. Turning off/on welds it back together. It will not stay fixed.

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    Pruis 2005 owner. My non-HID

    Pruis 2005 owner. My non-HID headlights go out (and stay out) about every 3-4 months. Very annoying! However, I replace them (as they go) with generic Auto shop bulbs for less than 10$ each. The drivers side takes about 5 minutes to replace, the passenger side 10 minutes and only a couple of plastic covers removed from under the hood. I am not a auto-phile, so most anyone even mildly handy should be able to do the same. Let me know if anyone is interested in a detailed description of the procedure.

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    My husband notice my 2007

    My husband notice my 2007 Prius 45,345 miles, had a headlamp out last night. But this morning (foggy) strangely it was working again. This page was the first return on my metasearch. Thanks all, lots of good information. Sounds like I'll need it.


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    Bought two eBay HID bulbs

    Bought two eBay HID bulbs for my 2005 cost was 32.00 for both including shipping. My passenger headlight was the bad one off cycle switch on but pink then back off. I replaced the passenger side by myself not a lot of fun some of it is by feel because it is impossible to see what the hand is doing. Here are how to replace instructions on Priuschat
    My new bulb has been in for 3 months now so it seems ot be reliable. Stock bulbs are 4100K or so most replacements are 6000K or higher I put in 8000K but would not recommend any higher than the 6000K bulbs.

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    Yes, Please help!! I am

    Yes, Please help!! I am having the same issue. What do I ask for and how do I install? email: kamillawright@srctn.net

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    My wife loves her 2005

    My wife loves her 2005 Prius. Purchasing it was a political statement when shrub stole the election for the 2nd time. Personally I think it drives like a golf cart, but that's because I drive a SAAB 9-3 wagon with 2.0T and 17" wheels - I don't get 43mpg, but I do get 34mpg. The Prius is a great around town car but itís too squirrely on the highway and mountain roads for my comfort. Certainly can't complain about mpg or being green though...

    Anyway, I was looking here to find out how to replace her headlamp. I'm glad we didn't go the high intensity bulb route when we bought it. She had a 1994 Camry before this (great car) and I remember replacing headlamps on that car caused me grief too. Thanks for posting the link to the detailed instructions.

    Should have bought an American car? If Iím in the market for a huge SUV or pick up with a triton V-12 dually, super heavy duty extra cab, sure, the USA makes great trucks, but Iím not a farmer or construction worker, Iím a family guy. As for buying an American car, I don't think so. First, tell me which American CAR (not truck ro SUV) is available with a 6-speed manual transmission (yes manual), a torquey 210hp 4 cylinder engine, leather seats, sport handling and gets 34mpg, then I'll consider one. And donít say Ford Focus, because thatís an Opel made in Europe. Geez, now you got me startedÖ

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    Powder_chowder: If your


    If your Prius is "getting squirrely" on the highway, I would have the front end alignment checked.

    My Prius hugs the road, straight and true. With the engine, electrical system and battery pack all located very low in the chassis, this car has an excellent center of gravity. And unless you are on snow/ice, this car should steer with no problems.

    Unless your front end is out of alignment. And that can be a problem after you hit one-too-many potholes in the winter...

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    Yeah, I had the problem

    Yeah, I had the problem intermittently for months. 2007 Prius with 42K+ miles. Got pulled over by highway patrol, he said passenger light was out. He stood in front and I turned the lights off and back on again and both came on. Finally getting it replaced. Not happy about cost.

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    I had to replace both

    I had to replace both headlights after 54k miles last January for $750. Now 14 months later, my passenger headlight went out and dealer is wanting $$475 to replace 1? The manager is working on something to reduce to price but has not have an answer yet. Can't afford $500 for a headlight annually and reading all these comments, sure that the other one is going to go out soon.

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