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    I changed the driver side

    I changed the driver side light bulb in about 15 minutes on my 2006 Prius. Yes it was difficult, but it did not require any tools.
    1. I removed the fuse box cover.
    2. There is a spring covering the light bulb. You will notice the bottom of the light will move back, but the top stays fixed. I am not clear how I removed it, but it does unclip a swing toward the outside of the car. You need to have it out of the way to get it back in.
    3. I pulled both the light and cable over the fuse box.
    4. I put the new light in place, hold it with a paper towel to keep it clean from dirt or oil.
    5. I put the light back in place and some how reattched the spring.

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    Hi, I have a 2004 prius with

    Hi, I have a 2004 prius with exactly the same problem. I was going through Texas around July 2007 and the driver side headlights start giving me problems. The Toyota dealer told me that the all the wires and on that side need replacing and it will cost me more than $900. I did not want to spend that kind of money. A close friend had the same problem with a 2004 Toyota Sienna so I sort of guessed that this was an issue. Now my passenger side light has started to go off more frequently. I have taken the Prius to dealers here in South Florida but they couldn't find the problem. Their response was to replace both light bulb for a cost of each one of $400 plus labor, that service tech did not convince me at all because the parts department told me that when those light bulbs stop working they do not work anymore. and besides the service guy told me that it has something to do with filaments on the light bulbs itself. I am wondering if those HID lights in my car had those filaments that he is talking about. He did not give me any guarantee that the problem would go away anyway. I think that Toyota is one of the best companies in the world but I think that quality is going down now that they became the number one car selling company. Another friend of mine spent a lot of money to have the engine in his 2000 Solara replaced because it was giving him a lot of problems and soon after the 3.0 liter engines in these cars were recalled. They didn't even take care of his expenses even though it was just days before it was recalled. It's starting to look like they do not care about you. It seems that they are becoming like most companies that put out a product with known defects and just wait until there is a big enough noise to do something about it. I feel that if I am going to purchase a Toyota car that is so expensive that you should get your moneys worth and that you will trust that it last you more than that. After all we are buying not just a car but their word and trust in their word that it is a good product.
    If in the end, though we only have one resolution,
    let's sue those Mother F*&(&^&. Sorry for my french

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    Add another to the list! My

    Add another to the list! My wife owns a 2006 Prius pkg 3 with halogen (non-HID) headlights. After initially losing a drivers headlight bulb in July, 2008 another failed in November. Thankfully I am a former mechanic so I am able to perform this contortionists act fairly easily. I thought it odd that another had failed so quickly, but at 29.99 a bulb isn't nearly as painful as the price of HID. Last night I returned from a stint out of town and while driving to dinner noticed the drivers light out again. 3 bulbs in 6 months is not right on any vehicle, so I decided to do a search. Wow!!!
    Much to my chagrin I found this thread.
    My issue is different in that it is a non HID pkg, but 3 bulbs in 6 months? Lets be serious!!! Someone please advise this thread when there is a class action suit, as it may be the only route to achieve satisfaction from Toyota. From the above posts Toyota have been far less that helpful. Just imagine the number of actual problem vehicles there are considering we that have found this post are certainly few.

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    2007 Prius. Passenger side

    2007 Prius. Passenger side headlight and taillight are not functioning. Rt. Turn Signal lilght works.
    Add me to the list of disgruntled and unhappy owners.

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    Add me to the list 2006

    Add me to the list 2006 80,000 has anyone changed the lights and fixed the problem??

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    OK. I'm going to weigh in on

    OK. I'm going to weigh in on this problem.
    I own a 2001 and a 2006 Prius. Headlights have never gone out on the 2001 after 150K miles.
    Just a few hundred miles shy of the 36,000 mile warranty (just on the headlights), my left side headlight went out. When flipping the high beams on did not light the offending bulb (I did not at the time realize that HID headlamps do not have separate high and low beam filaments, but simply change the focus of the one HID capsule.), I immediately stopped into a parts store and bought a replacement bulb (non-HID). I did think it strange that the lights both went back on when I got back into the car, but I decided that I should replace it anyway. On the next day, I removed the offending bulb (not as difficult as some people seem to think) and discovered that it was some sort of rare-earth discharge lamp. Because this type of illumination system should be very reliable (there being no fragile filament to fatigue and break), I figured that I just had the bad fortune to run into a rare case of infant mortality, or just a defective bulb to begin with.
    I took both new and replacement bulbs with me as I walked the mile to my Toyota dealer. The service person had no idea what I held in my hands. But the auto parts store across the street, where I had bought the incorrect bulb, took it back and warned me, "This could be expensive... more than one hundred dollars." He could not get me one... or even order me one, so he couldn't predict the exact price.
    Fortunately, I got both lights replaced (the right side went shortly thereafter) under warranty. (Plus $80 labor)
    Now, at 82K miles, here we go again. This time, I called Toyota (using the number mentioned above) and read them the riot act.
    I first did some snooping on the Web, so I had some ammunition. I could get absolutely no commitment out of the representative, but he insisted that my local dealership must diagnose the problem before he could make a decision on a "possible reimbursement."
    I had to make an appointment with my local dealer for them to have the car for a whole day. "What if the headlight does not go out?" I asked. "Are you going to drive it all day, using my gas and causing wear and tear?"
    "Nope. We will not be doing that much driving."
    So... Toyota will call the dealer and then me back on the day after the appointment with a determination as to what they will do (or not do).
    ************* Mounting Soapbox ************
    I am a retired Electrical Engineer, and I am hopping mad. This is a safety issue, if I ever met one. We simply cannot be driving around at night flipping our lights off and on willy-nilly. It's got to be so annoying and distracting to other drivers, to say nothing about: What if we flip the lights off in order to relight one and neither comes back on? What then? Arrrrrgh!
    A "super" lightbulb that costs THIRTY times as much as an ordinary one should last longer... a LOT LONGER... than the cheap one. The CFLs that we are all replacing our ordinary bulbs in our homes with are "guaranteed" to last as much as seven times longer than the incandescent bulbs that they replace. I should think that these HID capsules should outlast the car itself!
    If any issue deserves a class action lawsuit, this one sure does. I might eventually get my headlights replaced for free, but what about those loyal customers who just take the "expert's" word as gospel, and shell out the better part of a thousand dollars to replace one lousy headlight?? They deserve their day in court.
    ************** Dismount Soapbox **************
    Have a nice day!

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    I too have same experience

    I too have same experience with 2006 Prius HID D4R bulbs. The first 1 I got replaced luckily though my insurance because of their warranty as a result of comprehensive damage and it was under 3 years, 36,000 miles. The passenger side just began doing the same thing, now it is over 3 years and 36,012 miles.
    I see OEM replacements online, but even my mechanic does not know how to replace it. Is there a manual you can buy to do the work yourself? I posted a complaint with the NHTSA and am planning to call Toyota. Maybe if enough of us call Toyota, they will do more.


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    Progress[?] report: The

    Progress[?] report:
    The "winking out" phenomenon is getting worse, so I was able to drive to the Toyota dealer with the headlight in its OFF state. They removed the bulb, cleaned up the contacts, replaced the bulb, and then could not repeat the failure. However, before I arrived at my home (2 miles away now, since they have moved to their new building), the light was out again, so I drove right back to the dealership for them to observe the pesky thing one more time. I have just called my case worker at Toyota, and he will consult with the service manager and call me back. Wish me luck, everyone. I want another free bulb!

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    George, The driver's bulb is

    The driver's bulb is easily removed and replaced, after a minimum of disassembly inside the engine compartment (a few fasteners holding the plastic fan shroud). The passenger side requires an additional removal of the windshield squirter fluid bottle. Then, you have to unfasten spring clips holding the socket into the headlight shell. Be careful to NOT TOUCH the bulb. (This also true of any headlight bulb. One fingerprint left on a bulb can seriously degrade its life expectancy.. even cause it to explode.) Use a clean unused paper towel if you are unsure. It is not rocket science, but you must move carefully.

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    Hello all, I had the same

    Hello all,

    I had the same problem that most of you are having. Contact Toyota, they seem like they are actually doing everything in their power to refund all out of pocket expenses. Per discussion with my case manager the are issusing me a check for the full amount and i should receive it within two week. I will post again if that doesn't take place. To get started call 1-800-331-4331 and get a case started, unfortunately you will have to front the money, after you get the bulb replaced either fax or mail a copy of the invoice to your case manager.

    If you multiple Toyota dealership in your area i would recommend shopping around i got mine replaced for under $250 but received quotes for over $500 originally. Save yourself money up front and save toyota money in the end. I truly have to admit that i have been impressed by the way they are owning up to the problem. Probably why Toyota is number 1 overall. It hurts me to say this considering i have always been a Nissan fan.

    Lastly it does sound like they will be covering this problem even if the car has over 36K miles.

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