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    I just got my check from

    I just got my check from Toyota $1312.00. It took 6 weeks to the day. I paid $1629.00 11/7/08. They paid for parts, $1312.00 and I had to pay for labor $317.00. If this was not a defect in need of being escalated to recall, I would be happy to have made this deal with Toyota. I want my $317.00 back. With all that is going on I have not had the time to pursue legal action but I fully intend to.

    Anyone wishing to contact me is welcome at bryandrupp@gmail.com

    Bryan Rupp

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    I guess I'm one of the lucky

    I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I have a 06 with 60,000+ miles on it. Just took it in for the major service and found out the right headlight went out. I too drive with my lights all the time. They told me it would cost $220 for one light to be replaced. I don't have HID but 60% of the cost was for labor. I balked at the price and I was able to get them to offer $140 for one side. I figured that if one is out then the other was going to go soon so I asked what would offer to do both...They came back with $250 for both light. I still think it's a rip off but I'm not going to crawl under and do it myself so I guess I'll have to pay it!! Try talking to the service people...they have the power to deal a little and if they don't then go to their manager. It can't hurt to ask!

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    2006 Prius - Let me add to

    2006 Prius - Let me add to the weirdness here. I started having tailight problems at 30k...bulbs kept going out. I have replaced 5 tailight bulbs. However...I have noticed that even after replacing them sometimes they just don't light. Other times they are just fine. I also noted that the license plate lights go out and come back on....I just assumed it was a loose bulb and they are working right now so I figured I would wait for warmer weather to take them apart.
    45k miles - Driver's headlight went out. I am, just starting to analyze if it is related. I had heard the ridiculous cost of replacing a headlight stories that are now circulating. Sounds like Toyota might have to learn a lesson on this. I suspect there is a looming electrical design problem on all of these cars. Toyota may be hoping it goes away. I will let you know what i find.

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    2006 Prius- My good news is

    2006 Prius- My good news is that my Prius does not have the HID headlights and the bulb was $40 and labor was only $25. The dealer said that Toyota was trying to make the cost of replacing bulbs easier on us.
    My bad news is that because changing the bulb is so difficult the mechanic accidently gouged my bumper cover and now the dealer will have to repair or replace it. They felt badly and will take care of it.

    I wonder if you guys can bailout on the HID headlight bulbs and go back to the conventional ones that mine uses. The dealer said they are trying to reduce even the HID bulds to $150.

    Looks likethey may be getting the message...so there is hope.

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    Add me to the list. Same

    Add me to the list. Same random headlight problem first right side only for about a month, now both sides. sometime one or the other sometimes both at once. I have filed with NTSB. Thank you all for taking the time to post as it was VERY helpful to me.. I will try calling Toyota ahead of going to the shop to see what they say.

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    Ok I know this is a Prius

    Ok I know this is a Prius blog, but here is the thing...the headlight problem isn't just a Prius issue. I have an infiniti QX4, and my driver side HID headlight goes out randomly. From everything I have researched, this is an issue either dealing with the bulb, ballast, or cpu. Clearly, no one has an answer and the dealship sure as heck doesn't know. My question is, who has dealt with this and actually had a fix? What did you do? How much did it cost? What other things did you try before finding the fix?

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    I have also had the

    I have also had the headlight issue with my 2007 Prius. The originals went out just before the initial warranty expired - about 32,000 miles - so there was no charge to replace them that time. Now my car has 60,000 miles and the 3rd one failed - to which my Toyota service dept. quoted me $550 to replace ($350 for the HID headlight and $200 to install. In order to replace the entire headlight - housing and all - the bumper needs to be removed. After doing some hunting around (checking with various repair shops in the area and checking information out about the headlight issue online) I ended up with a VERY NICE ALTERNATIVE!!!! First, you CAN replace JUST the bulb and while it is more involved than most cars, it does NOT require removal of the bumper.

    I ordered a service Manual: Prius Service Manual and printed out the pages that had to do with installing the headlight - to give to my service mechanic in case he hadn't done it before - which turned out to be a good thing!

    I ordered two new bulbs that are brighter and come with a 1 year warranty: from IMPROVED Prius bulbs

    When the bulbs arrived, I took them and the instructions to Pep Boys (who had told me over the phone that if I had "bulb in hand" they would install it for me.)

    Since it was the first time they had done this at Pep Boys it took them nearly 2 hours to do the job (it should take about 30- minutes each once they get the hang of it).

    Because the new bulbs were brighter and "prettier" than the original, I had them install BOTH new bulbs and give me back the one that still worked which I now have a s a back up.

    Cost? $105 plus sipping for the bulbs = $115
    Labor at Pep Boys: $129 for BOTH bulbs.
    Service Manual: $20

    TOTAL COST for TWO headlight replacements!!! $265 - as opposed to $1100 that it would have cost if I had gone to Toyota. I have a back up headlight bulb AND a service manual, and best of all, my new headlights are AWESOME!!!

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    My 2007 Prius just developed

    My 2007 Prius just developed the headlight problem. I have a manual but was dismayed to see what it takes to simply change a light bulb. What a terrible design!

    I'll probably try it myself if my local dealer won't do it under warranty. I don't trust the dealer (Rosner Toyota-Stafford, VA) where I bought it. They've already proven themselves untrustwory on a repair shop issue.

    I'll go to the FTC site, but if anyone takes it to a class-action suit, please contact me.

    Good luck, everyone.

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    I need to replace 2007

    I need to replace 2007 driver side headlight. It would seem simple to do by just removing the fuse box. Is this easy to do?

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    Well I contacted Toyota

    Well I contacted Toyota about my headlight issues. (By the way, have you noticed how many Priuses are driving around with either a headlight out or a taillight out....scary) Got the thing reviewed by a manager, and after some days they declined mending the light. They told me this was based on my Toyota ownership history and dealer history.
    I would not accept this decision and called back a week later voicing my displeasure. I have owned a Corolla and two Priuses, but they had no record of the other cars in their system....scary!
    What it amounted to was Toyota saying I hadn't owned enough of their cars, and I hadn't used their dealer enough for servicing.
    They did offer me a $250 voucher for any future service, BUT it could not be used for the headlamp problem.....very bizarre!
    This was like not admitting to the headlight issues, which is very strange indeed because the first person I talked with admitted to the problem and said a team were working to resolve this issue.
    I didn't decline the voucher or accept it, but I have since supplied them with the Vin numbers for the Toyota's I have owned.....we'll see what happens next.

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