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    I just found the

    I just found the Hybridcars.com website; and more importantly, the chat string regarding the Prius headlights fiasco. I just paid $332.50 to have my 2 headlights' HIB bulbs replaced - and that DIDN'T include the parts cost because I provided the HID bulbs from an online auto parts supplier.

    The symptoms were the same as noted by so many other Prius owners on the chat string: frequent loss of light from the headlight, and recovery by rotating the light switch off then on again...only to have it re-occur a few minutes later. Each headlight had its own pattern of inconsistency, but both had the dysfunction. I have received two traffic citations for driving with a headlight out.

    The dealership in Glen Burnie, Maryland quoted me a price for one HID bulb of $351.02
    I was able to find the exact bulb online at Partsquick.com for a price of $57.27
    That's right, the dealership wanted to charge me $293.75 MORE per bulb.

    I purchased two online, which - with free shipping - cost me $114.54 for both.

    Do the math...for two light bulbs only (not counting labor) online I saved $587.50

    Had I not purchased the bulbs online, the total out-of-pocket to replace both headlamp bulbs would have been:

    $ 702.04 parts ($351.02 x 2)
    $ 332.50 labor
    $1,034.54 Total

    This is insane.

    Please let me know if there's anything else I can do to help you get Toyota to address this highway robbery.

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    All, I just called

    I just called the Toyota National Headquarters at 800-331-4331 and gave them a full report of my problem. The young lady was extremely professional and courteous, despite my anger. She said she is handing my issue over to a case worker who will contact me within the next 24 hours to talk about a remedy.
    She actually encouraged me to share their number with any Prius owners who are having headlight issues so they can become aware just how pervasive the issue is. The number of reports they receive from owners directly influences how likely they are to see this as a big (recallable) issue. PLEASE call and give them your story and complaint.

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    I have the same problem with

    I have the same problem with my passenger side HID headlight. Works if I switch lights on and off. Dealer quoted me about $550 including parts and labor, which is crazy for a lightbulb. Futhermore, from what I am reading in the forums, it is not guaranteed to work becuase the new bulb might have the same problem too.

    We also have a BMW with Xenon HID headlights that are 5 years old now and never had any problems with them. So this problem is with TOYOTA only.

    Please add my name to your petition if you are doing one.
    Dipak Bhakta

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    There is really good

    There is really good information about this at PriusChat. This is a safety issue and you need to file complaints with the NTSB not the FHSA. The complaint form is online at http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/ivoq/. Contact your dealer's service manager. The manager in the service bay works on commission. If your dealer's service manager isn't able to do it comp, then call Toyota national.

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    EVERYONE NEEDS TO FILE A COMPLAINT ON THIS WEBSITE. http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/ivoq/
    When filing the complaint, make sure to reference this hybrid web site. http://www.hybridcars.com/forums/rep...#comment-46741

    Toyota said they would pay for the parts and I needed to pay for the labor. I had to pay for everything $1726.00 and then they would send me a check for the parts portion $1300.00.

    It has been 1 month and 1 day and I have not heard anything from Toyota. I called Toyota and they could not give me any info as to when my check will be mailed to me. They also told me that there was no Supervisor that I could talk to.

    There customer service is the worst.

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    I have a question after

    I have a question after reading all (and I do mean, all) the posts here. Have we concluded that the problem lies in the computer or the HID bulbs, themselves? Obviously this is a recallable issue. I like the Partsquick solution for the parts, but the labor costs are absolutely exorbitant. I always avoid the dealer for parts or labor if I can. My problem is exactly the same as everyone else's, with a few variation. My '05 Prius, package 6 has 154k miles on it and the passenger side headlight thing started about 20k miles ago. It never flickers and the driver's side hasn't even thought about giving me a problem. The passenger side starts fine but in about 5 minutes of driving, it shuts off. Haven't tried the reset trick and am waiting for the "fix it" ticket from the CHP. Hmm. I just wonder if the HID bulbs from Partsquick is the direct replacement or generic. Thanks for all the comments and the consensus. All need to tell Toyota, not just a few. They will listen to our money, or lack of it, a lot better than to our voices, esp with the economy as messed up as it is. This is how we change things. Thanks again.

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    05 HID 14,000 miles RH bulb

    05 HID 14,000 miles RH bulb comes on turns pinkish and goes out. A search at http://www.sylvania.com/ConsumerProd...de/default.htm
    shows The 2004 and 2005 use the Osram Sylvania part # HID-D2R while the2006 and newer use the Osram Sylvania part # HID-D4R I will attempt the DIY purchase of a bulb and install and report my relative success. Since I got 14,000 miles and 4 years I do not feel my bulb failure is unexpected especially since I use the headlights as DRLs and drive a mailroute which is exceptionally rough.

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    uh sorry that is not 14,000

    uh sorry that is not 14,000 it is 114,000 miles!

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    Owner of 2006 with 31K and

    Owner of 2006 with 31K and exact same issue with headlights. Sharing the same concern as other postings, I don't really understand how the bulb can be the problem since a rapid on/off turns the lamps back on. Has to be a PCB, computer, relay, resistor (less likely) glitch since recharging of the system (the act of on/off) resets the lamps.

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    Although I had found

    Although I had found information saying this was a computer problem, Toyota told me that it is a light problem. I believe they said it overheats. That is why it goes off again. I found that if it is off long enough, it will stay on once I flipped it back on -- but in most cases, keeping it off is not a possibility.

    I am currious about the HID lights people have found on-line . Are you absolutely sure they are the correct lights for the year of the Priius you have? If not, Toyota may be able to nullify any warranted parts the lights may affect.

    I did receive my check from Toyota, but it does take a little while.

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