I just found the Hybridcars.com website; and more importantly, the chat string regarding the Prius headlights fiasco. I just paid $332.50 to have my 2 headlights' HIB bulbs replaced - and that DIDN'T include the parts cost because I provided the HID bulbs from an online auto parts supplier.

The symptoms were the same as noted by so many other Prius owners on the chat string: frequent loss of light from the headlight, and recovery by rotating the light switch off then on again...only to have it re-occur a few minutes later. Each headlight had its own pattern of inconsistency, but both had the dysfunction. I have received two traffic citations for driving with a headlight out.

The dealership in Glen Burnie, Maryland quoted me a price for one HID bulb of $351.02
I was able to find the exact bulb online at Partsquick.com for a price of $57.27
That's right, the dealership wanted to charge me $293.75 MORE per bulb.

I purchased two online, which - with free shipping - cost me $114.54 for both.

Do the math...for two light bulbs only (not counting labor) online I saved $587.50

Had I not purchased the bulbs online, the total out-of-pocket to replace both headlamp bulbs would have been:

$ 702.04 parts ($351.02 x 2)
$ 332.50 labor
$1,034.54 Total

This is insane.

Please let me know if there's anything else I can do to help you get Toyota to address this highway robbery.