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    Here is what happened with

    Here is what happened with my case of the defective Prius headlights.
    After reading all of your comments, I was unhappy with the settlement Toyota offered. This is a widespread SAFETY issue and Toyota should issue a recall and assume all responsibility.

    I talked to 2 Operations Supervisors (Lorraine C., and Naomi Torres). Neither were of any help. They refused to give me their Supervisors name and said there is NOTHING more that they will do.

    I would like to file a law suit if anyone is interested, email me bryandrupp@gmail.com.

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    My rt headlight has been

    My rt headlight has been giving me trouble (the intermittent blinking or just turning off) for several months.I have drug my feet a bit I suppose but in the mean time i have purchased a bulb from an internet advertiser. It was. of course, the wrong one and wouldn't fit I did learn how to change them. During the time i've been playing with it the left side bulb has given me trouble by going out twice. So far they always come back on when I turn the switch off and on. I can only imagine how conkfusiong it must look to the people coming the other way. Are the replacement bulbs at the dealer, or elsewhere faulty too? Is there an "elsewhere" at a reasonable price? I have news for the comment about having good milage and paying for it now. If I have had a great timein my Prius because my wife and I can drive and do the things that we used to do when gas was less. That freedom "pays for it now". I'll jump on the band wagon to encourage Toyota to step up. They've done well with Prius. They should be willing to deal with the part maker or help thier customers.

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    I have a 2007 prius and was

    I have a 2007 prius and was told today that the headlamp burned out the computer causing the lamp to wink. The dealer said my warranty covers the computer but not the lamp. He wants to charge me over $300 for the new headlamp. This is rediculous.

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    I also have a 2006 with the

    I also have a 2006 with the HID headlights. Before the warranty ran out the driver's side headlight would go off and on, and strangely when it did this the Bluetooth for the phone would stop working, and when the light came back on so would the phone. Of course they told me neither was connected and looked at me if I was stupid for even connecting them together, but of course they always went off together. Now the other headlight is going off and on and I'm out of the regular warranty but do have the extended, which doesn't mean much in this case.
    They told me the bulb is going bad and would cost $400 and they just happened to have one in stock....lucky me! Installation would be another $85....at first I said yes, but then declined their wonderful $500 to replace a light bulb offer. I think the cost is higher because I live in Santa Monica and they can charge an arm and a leg. I've been reading all your posts (thank god for the internet) otherwise we'd all be in the dark (not a pun) about this obvious defect with these headlights. I figured I could buy the bulb much cheaper on the internet, and I've found various sites for these bulbs. But my intention is to harass Toyota until I get some kind of satisfaction about this issue. I've made note of all the numbers and websites you guys have included and will follow through on this whole thing and will post my results here. I think the tack to take on this whole issue is the one of safety.....we cannot be driving at night with lights going off and on at their whim. One is not terrible, but what happens if you are doing 70mph and the headlights fail you? A horrible thought and a major class action lawsuit would result from this, not to mention personal injury etc.
    Let's all stay on this issue guys. In my experience if we're civil, persistent and won't take NO for an answer, we'll get some satisfaction. Every time you get somebody on the phone who says, "I don't have the power to do anything about this."
    I respond without being rude, "Then why am I wasting my time talking with you, please let me speak with somebody who can actually do something for me."
    This is so logical they usually get somebody.
    Good luck, everybody.

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    Hey fellow Prius Owners...

    Hey fellow Prius Owners... Thank you for all of the information! I recently had my 2006 Toyota Prius with 50K miles serviced this past Saturday (11/08/08) and my headlights were working just fine... but I get out of work Tuesday night (11/11/08) and guess what... my Driver-side headlight is out! Is their some kind of trend here??? I have read all of the entries from this site and the outages range between 30K - 50K miles on the Prius? Now my car is NOT equipt with the HID lights, so is the design defect the same on my vehicle? And is the labor and headlight bulb replacement charges the same for my model??? I am pretty mechanical, does anyone know... is this a car project that can be handled on a weekend over a couple of hours and a few beers? Or do I run the risk of voiding whatever warranty (extended to 100K miles) I currently have... or worse yet... this is an electrical repair, do I run the risk of getting electricuted?

    Toyota Exec's should consider a major recall to save credibility and retain loyal consumers. Is it worth someone dying by trying to save money during these tough economical times and attempt to make the repair themselves? I wrote down the 800 phone number down and plan to call Toyota.

    Thank you all for the forum and the shared information... we should all band together and fight this! After all, while the politicians, media and others are simply "talking" about what should be done to help with Global Warming, Oil & Gasoline issues, and polution... WE PRIUS OWNERS HAVE TAKEN THE FIRST STEP AND "WALK THE TALK"!!!!

    We are:
    "P"eople-Who care about our world and others.
    "R" esponsive-Not waiting for someone else to do something first.
    "I" ntelligent-Forward thinking, looking into the future.
    "U" nited-In the fact that over 1,000,000 owners truly care.
    "S" aving-Our planet, our enviroment, our money, & our future!

    Thanks again all and GOD Bless!,
    JR from Indiana

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    go back to the top of this

    go back to the top of this topic, and read my posting (3rd from top). Get a #2 phillips screwdriver and go for it.

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    Hello JR, I do not know

    Hello JR,
    I do not know about the non-HID lights but I would take your car back to the dealer and let them know that your lights worked fine when you brought your car in and now they don't. Maybe you could get around this crap we are dealing with.

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    I own a 2007 Prius and I am

    I own a 2007 Prius and I am fumming! The dealership wants $356 for the bulb. I have no idea what they want for installation. They can pay me $28,000 for the car. I'm ready to trade my Prius in for an american car. Toyota should step up and fix the problem.

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    Me too - 2006 Pruis (18,000

    Me too - 2006 Pruis (18,000 miles), intermittent headlight failure on passenger side. Dealership quoted 3 hours and $480 to diagnose and replace the lamp.

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    Have a 2006 with HID lights

    Have a 2006 with HID lights with same problem which started at 57k miles. Had had issues with my dealership in CT, have extended warantee, and dealership only seems to warm towards me when I mention contacting the attorney general office for consumer issues.

    Let me know how you do.


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