My 2007 had intermittent failure of the driver's side headlight near 50k. I drive with the headlights on all the time. Dealer got Toyota to supply both new bulbs ($335 each), but I had to pay over $200 labor for the replacement. I have the next to the top line model and would never have chosen it had I noticed the HID lights (which everyone hates to see coming). Should be a delete option at least. Dealer said the "computer" which operates the lights would be over $600 if it needed to be replaced. Remember when you could get a complete headlamp for under $10?

As delivered, the headlights were awful. I had them aligned when the bulbs were replaced and they are now the best lights I have ever had. So check the alignment if they are not doing the job.

It does appear that this is design or manufacturing defect, otherwise we can only think it is a good way to wring out a few more $$ and much owner anger. I have been a solid Toyota man since 1985, but this gives me pause.