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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    Have anyone done research comparing the civic and the prius? Which is he better vehicle?

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    That depends. I looked into this three years ago and decided the Honda Civic Hybrid filled my needs/wants better than the Prius. (Plus I wouldn't have to wait for months - I walked in to the dealer and drove out.)

    My (admittedly overly simplistic) opinion was that the Honda Civic Hybrid seemed to be optimized for highway driving and the Prius seemed to be optimized for city driving; that the Honda is mechanically simpler than the Prius; and it simply looks better (i.e., more like a normal car).

    My car now has 82,000 miles on it and has not had one problem. My wife liked mine so much we bought her one too.

    Your mileage may vary.

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    I bought an '05 HCH, for the reasons Paul so well stated.

    Although the EPA mileage numbers are higher on the Prius, the greenhybrid.com mileage database suggests that real-world mileage of the HCH and Prius is about the same.

    I think they're both good cars, so which is the "better" car will likely be subjective call that only you can make based on whatever criteria are most important to you.

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    If your looking to buy I think next month the 2006 Civic hybrid comes out with new design engine with improved mileage and horsepower. And if you can wait till jan. 1, 2006 the tax incentives also are better on either car. I drive a 2005 HCH am satisfied. However I might have bought Prius if the chance purchase one occured The shortest wait time on the least desired model and color was 3-4 months.

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    i work with a guy who has a prius, i have a HCH - and we get similar mileage. the prius being maybe 2 or 3 MPG higher. for our driving style TODAY.

    i suspect the HCH is slightly cheaper, and slightly more available.

    ~ and i never really liked the prius "styling".

    see ya

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    I have a civic - for the same reasons Paul mentioned. And I love it (more each day as the price of gas soars here in VA).

    If cost is an issue, i.e., tradeoff in cost of car vs. gas savings, the availability of the civic is a factor (at least the 2005s). I was able to even cut a deal on mine - I paid about $1000 under sticker, which you cannot do with any other hybrid that I know of.

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    I'm leaning twards the Prius, but I'm with you on the style point, the needs to improve it's style.

    But in support of the Prius, I'm surprised that the HCH and the Prius appear in parity. Consumer reports recently ran a study and found the Prius about 20% more fuel efficent than the Civic.

    deep link:
    Consumer Reports
    New Cars
    "Fuel Economy & MPG"


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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    I loved my old all-gas Honda Civic, but I bought a Prius when I went hybrid.

    Why? Mostly space. It truly rivals a small SUV for hauling the kind of junk we all occasionally do. It was nice to be able to help a friend move a 42" wide-screen TV, and I can go to the nursery and bring home bales of hay or bags of peat moss or whatever with no problem. Even an 80-gallon rain barrel! You just flip the rear seats down, pop out the bar that stretches across behind them, and there you are.

    Plus the options on Prius (which do make it more expensive) like airbags everywhere, vehicle stability control, and hands-free phone and GPS were not available for the Civic.

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    Yes the Prius does have a little more room then the '06 Civic's, but the "airbags everywhere" are standard on the '06 Civic, and you can get a voice responce Navigation option if you want.

    I have an '06 HCH on order.

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    Toyota use to say they were the only FULL hybrid on the market. That has changed for 06. The HCH is now a full hybrid and has voice activated navigation available. Considering the 3k price difference, I believe the HCH is the better deal.

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