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    2007 Highlander Hybrid?

    Hi All -

    I'm planning to buy a new car soon and am looking at the Highlander Highbrid. Haven't seen any information about the 2007 model, however. Does anyone know when it will be out?

    The little I did see had some speculation about a design change in 2007 or 2008. I really wouldn't want to buy in 2007 if they change the whole look in 2008. Any info here would be helpful as well as any other changes they may make.

    JC in NY

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    2007 Highlander Hybrid?

    If you read other parts of the Hybrid Cars Discussion concerning the HH, you will see blog after blog complaining about less than expected MPG or MPG in the 20's.

    My advice is hold out for better. The HH seems to use about the same amount of fuel as the ICE H unless the HH is driven mostly stop and go.

    So unless you want to use it as a taxi...

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    2007 Highlander Hybrid?

    If you learn how to drive it and keep the speed to 65 we get 29-30 mpg combined, with a fair amount hiway driving ( 55% local/45% hiway), with the A/C on it drops to 27 and towing a 3000 lb trailer we get 21 to 22.5 MPG.

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    2007 Highlander Hybrid?

    I've had 20 mpg (In the winter) and I've had 30 mpg in both city and hwy. In most cases its better than any non-hybrid of the same size. I average 27 over the course of 11,000 miles

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