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    More Horses = bad for environment?

    Do after-market products that increase horsepower (specifically free-flow air filters and fuel catalysts) have a negative impact on emissions and the environment? I'm considering installing them for the sake of power and mileage, but not at the cost of our planet!

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    More Horses = bad for environment?

    High performance air filters and mufflers probably increase efficiency and economy (with the possible exception of noise pollution) but fuel system and performance computer modifications probably sacrifice ecology for performance.
    Most of the after market folks who make these things don't make any promises, warrantees, or testing regarding economy and most are sold with a no-liability form.
    This wouldn't necesarily have to be so, in fact a friend of mine who is in the after-market performance chip business also worked to get the Smart car to meet US emissions standards using his chip expertise.

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