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    Form 8910 Tax Credit

    I purchased a 2006 HCH in May and now have form 8910 that needs to be completed. I do not see any place on the form where it asks for proof of purchase or a place to record the VIN #. Am I missing this?

    Form 8910 Tax Credit

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    Form 8910 Tax Credit

    Sorry for your time.... Why i can't see images on this resource?
    My Browser is: Opera.
    Thank you.

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    Form 8910 Tax Credit


    I prepare taxes and the form is not a final. All IRS forms can be revised before the end of the tax year, and shortly after. For instance, last year, Form 8863 was not officially released by the IRS last year until the second week of February. Be patient, you have some time before you'll need to file your taxes. Be thankful they've changed the hybrid deduction to a credit, it is much more beneficial to tax payers.

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    I have been thinking of

    I have been thinking of converting my 95 jetta to hydragen/gas. anyone know where to find the credit amount to claim on this form?

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    Does anyone know how to

    Does anyone know how to calculate the percentage phaseout required on tax forms for hybrid vehicles (toyota camry)

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