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    My wife and I bought the

    My wife and I bought the camry hybrid 8 months ago because we were expecting and wanted the extra room.

    I love this car. We have the package w/ JBL sound, leather, heated front seats and nav. It's a great car!

    We avg. 34 miles a gallon, with a fair mix of driving conditions, not bad.

    I have no regrets and am really happy w/ my hCamry.

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    Just bought my 2009 Camry

    Just bought my 2009 Camry Hybrid yesterday May 19, 2008.
    I had a Camry a few years ago and loved it. I had it for 5 years and only needed to put brakes on it. I just switched from a CTS which I really like but being in sales I needed something with better mileage. I was spending close to $500.00 a month on gas.
    Anyway I test drove one at the dealership but it had alot of extra options on it $4000.00 that I didn't want so I thought I would go to the other Dealerships and see what they had. They all had nothing and Told me it would be a couple of months before that would get more delivered and they were spoken for. Sp thanfully by the time I got back to the Dealership the one I first drove was still there so I jumped on it. It was stickered at $30200.00 I got it at $29500.00. It wasn't much off the stickered price but they said the new ones will have a $2000.00 premium tacked on them because their in such high demand and you can't get them.
    Anyway I love the car. If you can find one get it.

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    Sorry about the spelling

    Sorry about the spelling errors. I'm just excited about getting my new car.

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    What a great car.Me and my

    What a great car.Me and my family love it and I drive almost 100miles daily and its a big relief on my purse.Its quite and comfy.In my family two other members are planning to buy Camary Hybrid.I love it and enjoy driving.I get an avg of almost 40.

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    I am considering a camry

    I am considering a camry hybrid, but have a question regarding how the mileage is affected with the use of the A/C. Living in Texas, I use the A/C about 10 months out of the year. Any comments regarding this would be greatly appreciated!

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    I use my air all the time

    I use my air all the time with the Eco mode on and I'm averaging a little over 40mpg all around.
    I've had it for three weeks and have put on 1800 miles.

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    I bought a hybrid 2007 Camry

    I bought a hybrid 2007 Camry about a month ago and have been monitoring my gas mileage and I live about 10-15 minutes from work but travel to Nashville regulary as well (I'm about an hour west of Nashville). I usually get about 28-30 mpg locally and around 32-33mpg on the interstate.

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    We just traded a high end

    We just traded a high end Station wagon for a Camry Hybrid,we looked at the Prius which has a little better gas consumption but not as good value as the Camry.

    I have driven high end luxury european cars for many years and loved them but I am amazed at the quality oty the Camry not mention the great value received.

    The gas consumption is amazing ,40 to 50 MPG
    using regular gas and of course we must not forget it has 70% less carbon emissions too.

    The Hybrid Battery is warrantied for 8 years something that peopled had a concern about so dont worry.

    A Happy Owner.

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    Well I just broke down and

    Well I just broke down and bought a used 07 Camary Hybrid for my wife and now that I have driven it, I have to say that I am impressed. Relatively good power and amazing fuel economy. We drove it home, a distance of 280 miles and only used 6 gallons. Of couse I drove off without the owner's manual so I couldn't figure out all of the electronics but it was a nice ride!!

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    I recently purchased a Camry

    I recently purchased a Camry Hybrid, I am very excited in anticipation of its arrival. I had a couple of questions.

    Is there anything I can do to make the car get even better MPGs? Are the tires on the car the best or close to the best in terms of Roll Resistance?

    Also when the EPA tests the car do they use the Eco drive heat/cool function on the car? Thank you in advance for your responses. Any other tips would be great!

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