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    suddenly switched to only electric!

    My 2003 Civic suddenly switched to only electric power on the freeway. The gas motor was completely off. I could not go faster than about 40 MPH. When I got off the highway and came to a stop I had to rev it to about 5000 RPM's to get the car to start moving. The gauges for "assist and charge" were turned off completely as was the autostop light. After I finally made it home and turned the car off, waited a bit and restarted it worked fine. I am worried it will happen again. The dealer said there is nothing they can do unless I take it in while it is malfunctioning!

    Any Ideas or suggestions?

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    Hi experienced what exactly what you have experience and additional to this is a grinding noise everytime I start the engine in the morning and finally it ended up to a start clutch replacement of my cvt transmission.

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