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    Prius passenger room in back seat?

    I am very interested in purchasing a Prius for a second car for our family. We are going to be having our 3rd child in a month. My other children are 4 and 2. We will need to have enough room for them only if we ever have a problem with our minivan (they will almost always travel in the minivan, the new car would be for my husband for work and for running errands around town). I was wondering if this car is at all practical for us? Thanks for any help...Amy

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    Prius passenger room in back seat?

    While the Prius is roomy - roomier than the Saturn SL2 we traded in on our first Prius (we're on our second), I think that you will find it hard to fit 2 car seats AND a booster seat in the back seat - which you will need to do for several years to come. But I think that you will find that to be an issue with any compact sedan.

    The best thing would be to bring all the seats you are using/planning to use to a Toyota dealer and try to see if you can fit them all in...

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    Prius passenger room in back seat?

    Good Call Elaine. Although the Prius is suprisingly roomy because of its flat sides and well done interior ... even me at 6'1" has leg room with the front seat all the way back, it is a totally different issue if your going to have to put 3 kids seats in there. I went on a 10 hour trip with 2 adults and 3 large kids in the back. I've been in full size cars that have less room in the back seat.

    What I really like to do though is fold down all the seats and fill it with lumber or even 5 bicycles (with pedals and front wheel removed)

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    Prius Back Seat with three Children in Child Seats

    You're posting is almost 1 year old, so I assume you have answered the question yourself already. I just bought a 2007 Prius. We have three kids. I had a 2000 Honda Accord with ample room. Traded it in on the Prius.

    The Prius' back seats are wide enough to seat two booster seats and a carrier. There are a few problems.

    First, the contoured back seats make the boosters lean inward. I will have to fill in the contoured part of the seat with a folded towel or some type of padded material.

    Second, the Prius only offers two LATCH connectors, not three!! So, if all seats are LATCH, only two can be connected at a time. You will have to use the seatbelt to connect the third child seat.

    Third, I had to remove the arms from the booster seats so I could fit my hand between the middle carrier seat to buckle the kid in the booster. But, once everyone was in, we were snug as bugs in a rug.

    When I went to the dealership to make sure the seats would fit, the seats fit just fine. It wasn't until I put the kids in the seats did I notice they leaned inward. Oh well, I was "new car" blind. Bought the car anyway.

    As an aside; the car is very peppy, even with our entire 5 person family on board. Haven't tried loading it with the family and the dog yet, but I'm sure we'll get a chance soon.

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