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    Driving style and HH


    I'm the new proud owner of a HH and I love it. I went on a 1800 miles drive for hollidays and got the announced MPG of 28 and even better in some cases (mountaneous areas, surprising).

    However, in town, I'm not getting better than 23.5 MPG (in fact worst in some cases).

    I have questions the seasoned owners:

    - Does driving style make a difference? Does the car get used to our driving style (as I've read in some reviews) or do we have to get used to driving a Hybrid? I have about 2100 miles or so on it). Before you ask, I'm a rather soft driver, I don't step on the accelerator or brake at the first occasion in town.

    - Does fuel economy get better with time or does it remain approximately the same?

    - I noticed that, no matter how gentle I am, I can't seem to get past 10-12 MPH on electric power while accelerating, while it will sustain 30 MPH on electric power on flat surface. It the secret to accelerate in whatever way and then let it go on electric power? Does that make any difference at all???


    - I noticed that

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    Driving style and HH

    And I forgot fuel type as well. Did anyone notice any differences in using 91 octane vs 87??

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