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    Why Did We Do This To Ourselves? GAS!

    Like you say, ex-EV1 driver, the devil is always in the details, e.g., our different approaches.

    It IS a shame to penalize someone who just runs the boat to and from the lake a few times a year. The problem is, however, that person is probably the same one driving it daily. Very few can afford a $30,000 behemouth used a few times a year.

    Current fuel taxes are basically for roads and bridges and the like. The other costs associated with burning fuel are real, but take years to show up and are then paid by everyone--some more than others. I would just like to see a little ($0.05-0.10/gal) tax on fuel and a comparable tax on vehicles so that these future costs can be reduced. And policies should be put in place to discourage the gas guzzlers and encourage highly fuel efficient vehicles. We don't have to outlaw gas guzzlers and sports cars, just make them pay proportionately more for the damage they will do.

    I also think it would be a great idea to take those 'polluter fees' and use that money for tax incentives on the highest mileage vehicles available....may the top 5 or 10. That way the politicians don't have a chance to steal it and it gets used to help folks by the newest technology, which may be more expensive. It also creates a steady demand for these cars so auto companies have a reason to produce them.

    Alternatively, we could take away the handouts we give to oil companies for drilling, shipping, etc. and use that money for tax incentives. That way total costs don't change....

    (I sold my 1967 GTX with a 440cu in. engine about ten years ago and used the money to invest in oil companies when oil was $10/bbl!!! And when my father decides to sell his 1929 Pontiac, I will try to buy it!)

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    Why Did We Do This To Ourselves? GAS!

    There already is a gas guzzler tax on some particularly bad offenders but I must confess, I don't know the details. Can anyone shed light on it?

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    Why Did We Do This To Ourselves? GAS!

    Actually, many people have big SUV's/Trucks don't drive them everyday (not all, but a good amount of people). A neighbor has an older 5.0L V8 Explorer he uses for boat duty, and has a V6 little nissan for daily driving duty. A buddy of mine has a 77' 350 Chevy pickup he purchased for $2,000 he uses for outdoor sport activities.

    I live in California, and love head up to the mountains pretty much year round. I'm looking into purchasing a huge Bronco with a EFI 351 V8. I need something I can take off-road, take in the snow, possible tow, and still be able to seat 5. Mid-90's models with decent milage are in the $3,500-$6,000 range. I also can use it on weekends for trips to Home Depot, ect. Does this mean I'm gonna run errands all day in it at 10-16mpg? Off course not. That makes no sense.

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    Everyone is responible, including YOU!!!

    Each individual person is responisble for this. Given, the government didnt do anything to stop it, but each person is responisble for thier own way of life. Do you think you are part of the solution, if so ask your self these questions.

    Do you recycle?
    Do you used recycled paper? I.E. Hand towel, tolit paper? Try buying seventh generation tolit paper
    Do you used vegatable based laudry detergents or petroluem? Try buying seventh generation laudry detergents.
    What type of vehicle do you drive?
    Do you use Energy efficient Compact-Florenece light bulbs...the spirily ones?

    Its questions like that you have to ask yourself, if you dont do all the above, then blame yourself, not the federal government. Until you can look in the mirror and say that I am doing everything I can do to stop global warming and harming the enviornment, then I dont want to hear from you.

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    Has anyone ever heard of a

    Has anyone ever heard of a battery deposit required when you trade in your hybrid veh. for a new one?

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    did you say 'wind-powered

    did you say 'wind-powered car'?

    put me on the list!

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    I agree with you the best

    I agree with you the best way of managing things is to use the gas wisely. Gas had become a precious resource now, which cannot be wasted as a lavish item.

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