I know we're all P.O'ed about gas prices but we did it to ourselves. Since the '70's I've always wondered... "How Much Oil Could There Be In That Hole"? We've lived by "Bigger Is Better" and hey, "Can't We Go Any Faster"? YEA! I want that 5 ton Godzilla with TV's and booming stereo and Who Gives a Rats Butt if it Only Gets 8 Miles to the Gallon... It's COOOOOL. My idea was I only need "X" amount of space or size. For many years it was an excuse for motorcycles, then sports cars. I could own and fuel "Godzilla" if I want but 85% of the miles on my car(s) are only with One Person. Don't be so influenced by what the neighbor ownes, think for yourself and justify what you drive (and the Cool factor does not carry the most weight).

Since I love to sail, I'll continue to drive my 50 mpg diesel (since 1998) until someone comes up with a wind powered car.

Captian Mike