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Thread: hybrid hype

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    hybrid hype

    I am a naysaer. Not because I hate hybrids, but because I think the mantra of getting everybody to buy a hybrid is misplaced. Even if everybody went out and got a hybrid tomorrow, a hybrid SUV, let's say, there would still be far too much oil being consumed in the world.

    Yes, reducing oil consumption is a worthy goal. But a hybrid is only one way to achieve this. Other things to consider:

    1) walking
    2) biking
    3) motorcycles/scooters
    4) public transportation
    5) cutting down on trips/live closer to stuff

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    hybrid hype

    I agree with your overall objective, which is (pardon me if I'm putting words in your mouth) to get people to change their behaviours and re-prioritize their lives. Obviously, the best way to prevent emissions is to not drive at all.

    However, this is such a daunting task because people are just too comfortable hopping in their car to go get milk, or driving to work because they'd rather not share a seat on a bus with a stranger.

    So if people aren't willing to give up their vehicles, then the next best option is to ensure that those vehicles are as 'green' as they can be.

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    hybrid hype

    The truth is, in order to reduce foreign oil dependency, all cars must acheive 40MPG+. Many people think a hybrid gets awesome mileage, which is not the case. An example is the Chevy Silverado "hybrid." It is by no means a hybrid, just a truck that can shut it's engine off.

    Just a cheap shot by GM-call it a hybrid and it will sell, even for a lousy increase in 2-4MPG.

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    hybrid hype

    Bu that's a truck, which has many uses, and the hybrid component of said truck is primarily as a generator, to power equipment for work purposes.

    Granted, most people today use them as cars, but still, it is different.

    You can still get a diesel version of the same truck, which can be used for greasecar and biodiesel. If you go with the first option, the second tank for the veg oil can fit in the bed (and you'd be able to fit a LOT of oil there-remeber, like I said, these trucks are mostly used as cars. Those who really DO need a truck can put a big wvo/svo tank in the bed AND still have space for their goodies.

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    hybrid hype

    I'm not sure more people are "unwilling" to change their lifestyles. Rather, there is a lack of vision.

    Let's face the facts on hybrids. Yes, they save alot of gas. But economicly they are still hard for many people to justify, even at gas at 3 dollars per gallon. It might be hard for some people to believe, but many people in this country do not buy new cars.

    And in themselves they will not relieve urban congestion. They will just make it worse. If people spend yet more time on the road because of hybrids, how will that lower overall fuel consumption? There are simpler ways to get people to conserve- driving less is a start. The average American puts 12,000 miles on their cars a year. That's probably 6,000 miles in excess.

    Here in Florida I see alot more folks getting around by bus, motorcycle, scooters, bikes, etc. Often its economic necessity. If all those people rushing out to buy hybrids just "un-carred" their lives then maybe they wouldn't need the hybrid purchase in the first place.

    Me, I bought a scooter. I ride a bike or take a bus, too. I still have a car but I'm looking for ways to get out of the autocentric mindset. A car is a big expensive too. I don't think many Americans realize the numbers: a quarter of their waking lives are spent in cars, and a good sum of the average family's salary goes to paying for their "cage". And this is the American dream.

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    hybrid hype

    Well who ever said "Hybrids are THE answer!"?
    It's a step in the right direction and it's a new option. Everything you listed are answers that have been around forever since our dependence on oil. Your answers to date have really worked well for reducing our dependence... Thanks for providing your vast wisdom in solving our oil dependence.

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    hybrid hype

    Go see "Who Killed the Electric Car?" Of course hybrids aren't THE answer and it is too bad that an alternative technology that does work has been shut down... The oil industry is very powerful indeed.

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