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    Retro-fitting Hybrid to a Classic Car

    What would be involved in converting an older car, like a 60's classic, with current hybrid technology?
    Would it be cost effective?

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    Retro-fitting Hybrid to a Classic Car

    I was thinking of suggesting the idea that someone might build a hybrid stretch-limo, with an electric motor turning the rear wheels. It would save the trouble of an extremely long drive-shaft and still give the benefits of rear-wheel drive.

    Just my two cents

    Jim Donohue
    NFA Vehicles

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    I really don't think it

    I really don't think it would be cost effective, if it were it would have already been done so far on an industrial scale. If you want to drive a hybrid you should consider getting a new car and all the advantages that come with it. You could just keep your old car or put it in a donate car USA for someone else to use it, that's how I see things.

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    I don't know if this

    I don't know if this transformations is worth it. A friend of mine, who works at an used Subaru Philadelphia service tried this with an old model. He started to calculate how this retro-fitting will cost and he concluded than it is worth more to buy a new car, but he isn't so good at math so he might be wrong.

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    It can be done

    It can be done -


    for example. Other kits for other cars exist. Some of the the kids at my work converted a 280Z.

    Cost effective? Probably not - if you can do the conversion, you could keep it in good shape, I suppose.

    Most cost effective would be public transport and bicycles, with rental when you absolutely needed to move something... but you probably already knew that...

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    I saw on several sites that

    I saw on several sites that there are companies that are preoccupied by this transformation. It would be a good idea if I were able to equip an used conversion van with this technology. Though, I'm not sure if it is worth doing it.

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