I just picked up a Honda Insight 06. My question is this?. I also own a Honda Civic hybrid too. When I charge around town with the civic sometimes the battery level gets low, say 40%; but the civic always finds ways to bring the level back to a more respectful level like 50-70% .in around town use. With the insight the level has not yet gone past 50%. Now in all fairness the first and only run the car has had was about 8 miles hwy and 25 miles around town. Mileage was 68 mpg from that run. When I charge during routine braking with the insight, the car seems to give a more brief charge than the civic 05 manual that I also own gets. In other words from my experience from hybrids; I feel this insight is not charging right. Who knows, maybe I will take the car out for a hwy run and the batteries will come up to a full level. Any comments, much appreciated thanks.