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    I just picked up a Honda Insight 06. My question is this?. I also own a Honda Civic hybrid too. When I charge around town with the civic sometimes the battery level gets low, say 40%; but the civic always finds ways to bring the level back to a more respectful level like 50-70% .in around town use. With the insight the level has not yet gone past 50%. Now in all fairness the first and only run the car has had was about 8 miles hwy and 25 miles around town. Mileage was 68 mpg from that run. When I charge during routine braking with the insight, the car seems to give a more brief charge than the civic 05 manual that I also own gets. In other words from my experience from hybrids; I feel this insight is not charging right. Who knows, maybe I will take the car out for a hwy run and the batteries will come up to a full level. Any comments, much appreciated thanks.

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    Getting back to answer my own question and to help other hybrid owners. I started to think about what I was experiencing and felt that it seemed the car didn't know what level was full. I learned that sometimes hybrid batteries go through what is known as recal. The batteries have to adjust themselves to the proper level. This probably happened when I first bought my civic hybrid 05 manual 5 speed and I didn't even realize it. Anyway, I took the insight out for 40 mile run and gradually fed the batteries a slow amount of juice BEING VERY CAREFUL NOT TO USE THE ASSIST. Sure enough the batteries came up to full. This was 40 miles of hwy driving. The car averaged 77.8 mpg for the run, and the average speed was 54 mph. Ever since I obtained a full battery the car runs amazing. I must say Im quickly falling in love with this car. With summer conditions I expect the car can pull over 80 mpg. I could only wish that more people showed more interest in the insight, since it will no longer be for sale. Hope this was interesting to somebody; happy driving.

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