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Thread: Battery cost ?

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    Battery cost ?

    How much does a replacement battery cost for a Toyota Prius hybrid? How many miles will the battery last before replacement is necessary? What day-to day maintenance is required is required?

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    Right now, they're very

    Right now, they're very expensive because there is no market for them (they aren't wearing out very fast) and because the only supply is through the dealers. As hybrids start to age, I'm pretty sure we'll start to see after-market solutions that are pretty cheap. That should then pressure the OEMs to start reducing the prices as well.

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    A Insight for $20 can be

    A Insight for $20 can be made to run without ... so as little as $20.

    With a RC Battery Anylizer like the Triton and a week of a time a battery can be reconditioned & Reballanced.... $ of Anylizer ~$100 +~1 Week.

    For $250 I bought the HEV 120 cell 144V battery from a salvage yard from a HEV 2005 Civic. which would be a direct drop in replacement for a Civic 2005 and earlier.... and the 6 cell subpacks can be directly used in all model year Honda Insights.


    I do not know as much about other / non -Insight HEV... but I suspect they also do not have reconditioning or rebalcning functions in the BCMs so they to might be fixable for ~$100 + 1 Week.


    Not that it matter with the crazy long warranties on HEV Car Batteries from all HEV Car Companies.

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    Pretty expensive right now

    Pretty expensive right now because there are no places to promote them and the only way to buy one is through a dealer.

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    There are currently

    There are currently expensive and only the authorized dealer sells them.Which makes the price standard and expensive.

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    Approx $3,000

    Approx $3,000

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    As I reported on another

    As I reported on another Hybridcars.com thread

    First off, the batteries in most hybrids have a pretty long warranty period (mine is 10 yrs, 150,000 miles!) so depending on how long you keep your car you should not have any worries at all. And just because the warranty is up, does not mean the battery will suddenly stop working. Heck, a relative of mine has an Insight with over 225,000 miles and has not had to replace his battery yet.

    For Prius batteries there are companies that can refurbish them for under $1,5000 (another $300 or so to install.) Do a google search for "reinvolt". They have installers in various parts of the country such as Carolyn Coquillette of Luscious Garage in San Francisco and Mony Soora "The Car Doctor" in Ontario. I've personally met both of these people and highly recommend them.

    Best of luck on your battery quest.

    Eric Powers
    HybridCars.com Moderator

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