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    Prius electrical issues

    I have about 2300 miles on a 2006 Prius. The stereo is now turning itself off and the consumption graph has stopped working. Has anyone experienced similar problem?

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    Prius electrical issues

    I read of a similar/same issue, caused by defective display screens in 04 and 05 Prius. Cured by replacing the display, under warranty. If your Toyota shop is unaware, you should find a new shop! the internet discussion group Prius Chat is one place to find out more about this (and other) issues.


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    Prius electrical issues

    Sounds like a loose connector on the MFD.

    Search Prius chat or Prius online, you will find a few hits on this problem.

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    I am interested in either

    I am interested in either purchasing a Toyota Prius or Camry (hybrid) has anyone heard of the "silent" engine sounds that can affect dog's ears? i read one article from the Chicago paper on it, but nothing since. Would appreciate any information on this.

    Thank you.

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    Our Prius display screen has

    Our Prius display screen has failed intermittently for about a month. It doesn't stop the car, but makes it impossible to change Climate or Audio settings. Dealer service manager says the display is dying and can be replaced for $1100. 00 . The car is a 2004.

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