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    The smart key is just

    The smart key is just that... smart! You CANNOT lock the key in the trunk or the car itself. You have to either be holding the key or it must be somewhere on you (pocket or purse) in order to lock a door. If you leave the key in the car and then shut the door, the car will do a long beep at you when you go try to lock the door. It will not lock you out! Drop the smart key in the trunk and shut the trunk door, it will again do a long beep and cannot lock because you left the smart key in the trunk which you need to lock the trunk with in the first place. Thanks for that because I have dumped my purse in the trunk while putting the groceries in, shut the trunk door only to have my car "yell" at me because I left the key in there! It's nice to know I'll never lock myself out of the car leaving the key behind!

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    It IS possible to lock your

    It IS possible to lock your key in the car, although difficult.

    My wife and I went somewhere, and she decided to leave her purse in the car (her key was in her purse, mine was in my pocket, I was driving). She left her purse on the floor, apparently below the detection range of the car, and I was able to lock the doors with no problem.

    This came to light when we parked somewhere else and I decided to put her purse in the glovebox (since I wasn't leaving my jacket in the car this time to cover it). The car "yelled" at me until I realized the problem. Had to take her key out of her purse before I could lock it.

    Glovebox...car "senses" key and wouldn't lock.
    Floorboards towards the front of the footwell...car had no clue key was there, went ahead and locked.

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    All cars that are equipped

    All cars that are equipped with smart keys has a little button under the trunk lid so the person wouldn't have to fumbble for there keys or remote and press the trunk release on the remote.

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    Can someone please answer

    Can someone please answer this fundamental question: can one leave the key fob IN the car when it is parked overnight in a parking garage? I live in NYC and normally park on the street, which means I do very little driving--however, I must sit in the car from 9 until the magic 10:30 AM (when it is "safe"); does merely sitting/waiting for 1&1/2 hours 2X a week drain the battery? The car would not start yesterday and had to have it towed to the dealership where they pronounced I needed to replace the battery. How I am supposed to conduct my twice a week ritual of parking the car and waiting w/o having the key? This is a real dilemma. Can I disable this thing--the opening/closing ritual stated above sounds positively insane!

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    If you wish to leave a

    If you wish to leave a SmartKey inside the car (wife's purse), simply use the second remote and manually press its Lock button (you may have to press twice). When you return, press your remote's Unlock button.

    If your car is more than 5 years old, or you've ever run the 12V battery down (say, from sitting in the driveway listening to the radio with the ignition turned off) you should get a new battery anyway. All car batteries are expected to last about 5 years, even less if you've run it down. You might get 10 years out of one if you're lucky, but it's not worth the trouble. The Traction battery will never need to be replaced. If it should happen to get a bad cell, the dealer can replace just the faulty cell, not the entire pack. Either way, a used pack can be found on eBay for ~$300 from smashed cars, since that's the same price a Toyota dealer will pay to get one from a junk car to facilitate recycling it.

    The 12V battery is charged while the ignition is turned on. The 300V traction battery powers a converter to charge it, and is also used to power the HID headlamps. (Those lamps cost anywhere from $40 to $400, depending on where you buy them -- eBay or the dealer. You can find instructions on the Internet to replace them yourself, if you don't have large hands. Passenger side is easiest.)

    Prius 12V batteries are very weird. They look like an oversized garden tractor battery. At ~$135, they can only be found at the dealer. There are a few aftermarket models around, but they are not an exact fit, so they need to be modified. No fun.

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    well im no expert but o own

    well im no expert but o own a 2007 camry XLE with the smart key. In the dealer ship they told me that if you leave the smart key inside the car, it wont lock when you press the door handle button. That also works if you leave it in the trunk. which has happened to me countless time. So every time i left the key in the trunk i just press a button beneath the camry logo and that opens the trunk. Im no sure that work for all camrys that have the smart key system. HOPE this helped

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    There is no danger from the

    There is no danger from the wireless keys on cars for any medical condition. The power applied for these systems is far less that that experienced in many modern systems - household wiring, fluorescent lights, cell phones. The systems are designed and tested for pacemakers and such. Modifying your car is unnecessary.

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    Where is this button that

    Where is this button that opens the trunk without using the Smart key?

    Where is the actual key that pops out of the wirless remote??


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    Everything depends one which

    Everything depends one which model your ICD is. I called St Jude personally, the manufacturer of my ICD. I gave them the model
    Number of my ICD and serial number and was told I can operate my Camry hybrid with no problems as well as the smart key as long as its not in my shirt pocket. She suggested I obviously don't work on the car myself anymore.

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