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    I can not believe that

    I can not believe that anyone would make a blind statement like this, (Hybrid batteries do not end up in landfills.) You lie like our president!!! Where does this battteries go? battery heaven. I would like for you to tell me where do you discard hazadous material, because that's what you have. By the way you can't recycle a battery pack. I believe that you are buying a marketing scam, these cars produce more pollution then you think and you will end up dumping this battery pack illegally because no one will that hazadous material

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    actually both honda and

    actually both honda and toyota reclaim old hybrid battery's and charge a heft core if not returned. salvage lots know this and will return bad ones to claim the core.

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    nice 'balanced' perspective.

    nice 'balanced' perspective. what a doucebag...

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    Battery packs can be

    Battery packs can be recycled for other uses; A battery that is too weak to power your hybrid can still be used to store power from solar panels for instance and that is just one example.

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    "the batteries are designed

    "the batteries are designed to last the lifetime of the car..." BULL crap. if that was true, why do I have to replace mine after just 22 months due to leakage and corrosion within the hybrid battery compartment. Thats 22 MONTHS!!! at over $1000 per battery!!!!

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    Tom, your a typical

    Tom, your a typical hypocritical republican. You criticize everything whilst offering no alternatives. The only right solutions are those offered by republicans (even though they are usually narrow-minded, elitist, selfish and only serve a certain segment of America. New technology, new ideas cannot be stopped and is what this great nation was founded on. Sure, hybrids and alternate fuel source cars are just at the beginning, much as cars as we know it were at the turn of the 20th century, (and back then repulican farmers didnt want to let go of the horse and carriage either im sure.). Dont worry, im sure toyota will invent a nice huge non-gas guzzling pickup for you rednecks out in the boonies one day, so take it easy and chill

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    Better a tree hugger than a

    Better a tree hugger than a whiny, girly, tea-party lovin crybaby republican anyday,

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    Please correct your remark

    Please correct your remark above. The Toyota Prius new or used DOES cost 2X the same size non-hybrid auto. The gas-saving feature of the hybrid vanishes when you have to replace the battery. Been there and done that. NO MORE HYBRIDS FOR ME.

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    I didn't read all of these

    I didn't read all of these comments (too many) but I wonder how much the resale value of a hybrid would be if it is 6-8 years old and the new buyer knows that they may have to add an extra $5000 to the cost in a year or so for a new battery. My sister has a hybrid and was considering getting a new car. I was considering buying hers from her until she mentioned that it would be time to replace the battery in the next couple of years. That was a deal breaker for me.

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    my dick is a hybrid, does it

    my dick is a hybrid, does it need a battery?....... nope.

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