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    hybrids that run on ethanol

    Why don't they make hybrids flex-fuel so they can run on gasoline or ethanol? Just wondering. I don't actually own a hybrid but I've been considering it.

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    hybrids that run on ethanol

    Apparently it has something to do with the different vapour pressures between gasoline and ethanol and what happens when the vehicle shuts off.

    I can't remember exactly what the details are, but I know it's something like that. Hopefully someone else can help out.

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    hybrids that run on ethanol

    Ford is developing a Flex Fuel (E-85) Escape Hybrid, but that is all that I know of.

    Check out this link:


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    hybrids that run on ethanol

    Just found out, Saab rolled out a hybrid that runs on E100. The news is posted on this website.

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