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    My husband just had his

    My husband just had his non-hybrid Volvo struck by lightning while he was driving it. The Comprehesive on our Auto Insurance paid for the damage.

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    Check VSC and Hybrid System

    Check VSC and Hybrid System light displayed.
    I have a 2007 Camry Hybrid with only 36,371 miles. As I was driving heard a noise "CLUNK" and power shut down. Got stuck on a roadway and could not start the engine. Towed it to a SERVCO dealership.

    Took it to a car dealer in Honolulu which stated it will cost $103.00 for a diagnostic to be completed to determine the cause. Awaiting what happen to the vehicle.

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    i have a 2009 TCH with nav,

    i have a 2009 TCH with nav, 23,480 miles, the car was in storage for about 3months, now even after putting a new 12v battery, the car wont start, "CHECK HYBRID SYSTEM" and "CHECK VSC" message is being displayed...please help what should I do? Can I fix the problem my self? Will appreciate expert help.

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    I have a 2006 Grand Prix

    I have a 2006 Grand Prix that was struck by lighting a couple of days ago. It totally shut down all electrical, killed the battery, and shattered a rear window. Not sure about the damages to the car's electrical system. I'm getting it towed today to a dealership for a diagnostic test. I'm hoping it's nothing serious, but a new replacement car wouldn't be a bad thingy (lol).

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