For those who did not know their hybrids qualified them for free parking at L.A. City meters [but not in L.A. county, Hollywood, or UCLA], here is even better news:

Los Angeles Hybrid Free Parking
Update: On 6/21/06

the Los Angeles City Council approved an extension of the parking benefit through calendar year 2007.

-- Gas-electric hybrid cars can park at parking meters for free, but can still be ticketed for exceeding the time allotment for metered spaces. The ran through a 6 month trial period from October 2004-March 2005. The LA City Council recently voted an extension of the incentive through May 2005 while the LA Department of Transportation prepares an evaluation. Police Officers have been trained to recognize hybrid cars.

If you own a Zero Emission Vehicle or Super Low Emission Vehicle as defined by the California Air Resources Board, you may purchase a California Clean Air Vehicle Decal from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Once you have purchased and affixed the decal to your vehicle per DMV instructions, you can park without depositing coins at metered parking spaces (however, you remain subject to the posted time limit restrictions) throughout the city. To find out how to obtain a California Clean Air Vehicle Decal, go to:

According to a representative at the LA Department of Transporation, four hybrid vehicles were identified as eligible to receive the free metered parking privileges during the pilot program: Toyota Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda Insight and Ford Escape Hybrid.

For more information e-mail the LA Department of Transportation at