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Thread: prius seats

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    I have no idea if they fit,,

    I have no idea if they fit,, but the Hybrid Camry drivers seat has up and down adjustment. And needs it as headroom is appalling if you're my height 6'4". I find my Prius just as comfortable with better headroom. Rented both and took long trips before buying. Neither are super comfortable lets agree, and if you're coming from a Lexus or Buick, ouch !

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    This thread is like a breath

    This thread is like a breath of fresh air .... Prius driver's seat is lacking .... damn straight it is!

    I looked at a number of Toyota's while at Piercey in Milpitas, CA yesterday ....

    Little $15k Yaris ... has seat height adjuster

    Corolla - height adjuster

    Highlander, Scion XB, Matrix, Rav4, on and on .... every one has manual seat height adjuster ...

    Prius? Oh no. can't get that little pump handle in a $25k - $30k + car.

    Seat bottom feels awfully darn small for a tall guy anyway. Or is it that it's pitched too flat for those with long legs, so your thighs dangle around with plenty of space under them. Oopp can't tilt that seat bottom down ... Prius is a one size fits all car.

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    I just bought a 2008 Prius -

    I just bought a 2008 Prius - Package #6 (leather) and the seats are TERRIBLE. I drive quite a bit and I am considering selling the car after only a few weeks of having it. I did find a local auto upholsterer who said he can add foam and lumbar support to increase comfort. i don't know if that will work but I may give it a shot - you can't beat the gas mileage on the darn thing. What kills me is that I traded in an 07 Camry Hybrid because I wantes something smaller and wanted a hatchback. The Camry has very small trunk space but man is it a comfortable car to drive. I did investigate Recaro seats but with the less expensive ones you have to disable the side airbag but the pricier ones ($3000 per seat) include the side airbag. I feel that is too much to spend on this car. Funny thiing is, I bought a $15,000 Scion (made by Toyota- looks like a Yaris) and those seats must have 5 iinches of foam PLUS great lumbar support. Drove 4 hours in the Scion with no problem. 1 hour in the Prius and I'm in agony. Go figure!

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    You had a Camry Hybrid and

    You had a Camry Hybrid and traded it for a Prius?
    You must have manure for brains!
    I'll bet your husband must be pulling what's left of his hair out over your car-buying!

    Seriously, it's a shame that the height is not adjustable. I can't even see the traffic lights without bending over when I come to an intersection.

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    I just bought new 2010 Prius

    I just bought new 2010 Prius trading my NissanQuest.
    I love my Prius but hate its seat, it give me back ache in just 30 minute drive. They should have better design. I miss my Quest seat with perfect lumbar support. I use small pillow, but not good enough.

    Any idea for getting comfortable in Prius seat?

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    Go to Autozone, Checker

    Go to Autozone, Checker Auto, or Napa Auto and pick up a lumbar support insert.

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