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    to be honest the XFi was a

    to be honest the XFi was a POS. The only redeeming quality was the high gas mileage and even that wasn't that great if you were in cold air (the rest of the metros weren't too bad though). I think that the problem that you faced here wasn't whether we should bring back smaller cars per se, it's more along the lines of making vehicles that don't need petroleum to drive. Electrical vehicles are easy to make but there's simply little demand. Same thing for smaller cars. Ever wonder why cars got bigger overall? People want bigger stuff overall. The reasons why I don't know, but I do know that centering your purchases around the price of gas doesn't always work. Also, I think a more effective mass transit system would help ease congestion (not to mention road rage) in the larger cities in the states. If nothing else, insurance rates could drop if more and more people would use mass transit. It has to be meaningful mass transit; trains and buses that go nowhere for obscene prices just simply don't work.

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    Just bought a 98 3cyl. metro

    Just bought a 98 3cyl. metro hatch with 25K on it. Absolutely show room. Am getting 35-39 mpg. Tell me about this hho. I want one for mine. any other info would be great. Thanks a bunch.

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    Mike, Can you point me in


    Can you point me in the direction of which HHO kit you're using on your Metro to get 60-70 highway mpg?


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    Hi I have 3 Geo Metros I

    Hi I have 3 Geo Metros I have 1992,1994 and a 2000 they all have the 3 cylender moter I love the all three of them I am a single guy and I do not need to have 3 Geo's I just want to be set for life with a Geo I will not drive any other car they are so easy to work on I never have any problems with them at all. I want to thank Suzuki for making such a good car that never lets you down Suzuki makes such a good small moter... Thank god GM never put ther moter in the Geo or it would have endless problems...

    I just want to say to anyone that reads this and they are thinking about buying a Geo metro if you want a small car thats very good on gas this on is for you trust me my little Geo saves me so much in Gas..


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    If you switch to a 30 k

    If you switch to a 30 k motor it wont be a xfi then. you can switch the cam over but it still has the wrong pistons more than likely. it will still be a great driver just not a xfi

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    I have had 3 all

    I have had 3 all convertibles. They are the best little cars you could ever own. I was in an accident in my 92 Geo convertible, I survived and I was hit on the drivers side. My 15 inch custom mags saved me, it took the brunt. I dont care what anybody says, they are the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned. I now have a 90 Firefly convertible. It has 240,000 kilometers on it and the engine is as strong as ever. Ive only replaced the clutch, radiator and just recently the blower for the heat. Considering I drive 80 miles a day thats not bad for a 20 year old car..Just to let everyone know on here this same car is being built in Pakistan to this day. If you look under the bade Suzuki Cultus, you will see a 2004 hatchback which is identical to the 1992 model here in North America. I had the last laugh last year when gas went up to 1.52 a litre, everyone was complaining and I laughed at them this time...I fill my car now with 94 octane from Chevron, this is the dirty little secret noone knows about. When you use a higher octane these suzuki motors push out more pep and better gas mileage. I have had people ask me how did you get that motor so peppy. I tell them Chevron 94, it gives you the guts to go up hills better etc. I will never give my little convertible up. Im slowly restoring it. If you have one or get one. fix it up and dont sell it!!!no auto maker can come close to the Metro ever. The Smart car is crap the trannies are aweful and they are still smaller than the metro and dont even get the mileage. that I do...so to all those people that laughed .....guess who has the last laugh now!!!!!

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    Use Chevron 94 Supreme gas

    Use Chevron 94 Supreme gas in it...Then tell me how peppy your motor is......just try it. you will be amazed of how much more power you have......trade secret about suzuki motors....

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    I have a 1994 Geo Metro 2

    I have a 1994 Geo Metro 2 door hatchback. 3.0 I love this car. rebilt the engine. at 200,000 and it still runs like new. jst replaced the door handles (all 4) need to replace the lift thingies for the hatchback but that car has served me well.

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    Wow, this car is becoming a

    Wow, this car is becoming a cult collectible! A long time ago in a world faraway to me, I bought a used '92 light teal Geo-Metro hatchback for $2600, no ac, but got 50mpg in 1994! I drove the car for four years adding 50000 miles to it when my father and my best friend conned me to selling it and buy a real car. I hate them both from the pit of my soul letting me believe I could not keep driving the car anymore, when there was nothing wrong with it! It was the only car I ever loved. With gas prices as they are now, there is not a day that goes by I'm wishing and dreaming for another Geo-Metro. It was the only time in my life I was able to pull myself out of debt and actually lived!!

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    I'm loving this thread. I

    I'm loving this thread. I remember the Geo-Metro back in the day and thinking it looked like a piece of junk when I was young and naive.

    The OP is right, you don't need any high tech hybrids to have good fuel economy. The quickest/best/smartest way to increase fuel efficiency has always been to decrease weight. This has always been true and people have known this all along.

    At a featherweight 620kg, it is about half the weight of a Toyota Prius. (And a fraction of the cost, even in today's money.) So considering that over 90% of the power used to move a car is expended on moving the vehicle rather than the occupant, this represents a huge reduction in the energy needed to power a vehicle.

    That's why the Rocky Mountain Institute has focused on researching new weight-saving car body design & construction technologies--as each pound of weight you remove from the car body actually saves you over a pound of vehicle weight (since you need less engine to power it, less brakes to stop it, less suspension to hold it up, etc.). Their "hyper car" prototype employs some pretty cool construction techniques that may be standard in the future.

    For now, even though the Geo Metro is no longer in production (and the Daewoo Kalos it's been replaced with has followed trends of increasing weight/size), you can get essentially the same benefits from the Smart Fortwo: 730kg and 60mpg, though a brand new one costs about $16k.

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