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    I had a 91 Metro 4

    I had a 91 Metro 4 door...What a great little car! If they made and sold this same car today they couldn't build them fast enough. The car was roomy. I had a Four Runner SUV at the time and the Metro had more backseat legroom! I'm 6'2" so i notice! I routinely got over 50 miles to the gallon with it (not running the AC). It was FUN to drive!! I used the AC button like a turbo booster! LOL...All my friends had fun riding in it! Climbing some hills here in Arkansas I would "hit the TURBO" and WHOOSH LOL an amazing burst of 3 cylinder power! I wish I had bought two and just put one away. It is SO SAD how no one is building anything near as good today! So Sad. Is it Big Oil money stopping it? I think so. Why else would there be a slew of smaller cars out there with what seems to be an imposed limit of 35 MPG. Look at the Aveo for instance. The Smart car...HA! Tinier, and no where close to metro mileage. and OMG 25 to 30K!!! The Prius is great but very complicated, expensive to repair and Very expensive to own. Other hybrids...same story. My Metro was $8800 brand new!

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    I own a 1998 Chevy Metro 3

    I own a 1998 Chevy Metro 3 cyl. with 55,000 miles on it. Before I would sell it I would unload my 1994 F250 turbo Diesel, my 2005 Chey Malibu 4 cyl. In the 9+ years I have owned it all I have done is tune it up, replace rubber hoses and belts, replaced exhaust systems, front brakes, and charged air conditioner. It is by far the best car I have ever owned! I have been driving 41 years! I like to shut it off when coasting into a red light, and when about to stop, pop clutch and restart like a hybrid. Sometimes I coast for three blocks or more. Try that with your SUV! 55 mpg!

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    If General Motors had any

    If General Motors had any sense what-so-ever, they would bring back the Metro line. Currently driving a 96 Metro 1.3L Hatchback, average about 47 mpg each fill up. This little car is a keeper. A little worried about the clutch plate, but in my opinion, spending $1500 on a transmission and or a new engine is way more feasible then buying another vehicle with poorer fuel efficiency.


    (or at least make hybrids from those models)

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    I ran a used-car dealership

    I ran a used-car dealership until 2000. I was buying 2-year-old Metros for dirt at the auctions. The 1998s were bringing about $1200 or less with 30,000 miles on them. Back then, you could fill the 8-gallon tank for under 10 bucks. The car was a Suzuki, made in Japan as a 4-seater comuter car. I think Chevy was importing them to get its CAFE average fuel standards up, so it could sell more 14 MPG trucks. The 3-cylinder base engine got incredible mileage. However, if you're looking at the 4-cylinders with the automatic, you're going to be frustrated with the fuel economy. The successor to the Metro is the Chevy Aveo, and while it's a cute little car, it's a fuel nightmare. My 2001 Turbo Beetle (which is a piece of crap that gets only about 19 mpg) was in the shop for 2 months after an accident (because parts are hard to find) and I rented an Aveo. It was an automatic 4 banger, and only got about 22 mpg. I seem to recall that the 4-door Metros with the automatic 4-cylinders were not much better. I was thrilled to find this thread because I have been wondering why GM didn't bring back the original Metro 3-cylinder. If you really want to have some find, find yourself an old Chevy Metro 3-cylinder Turbo! That was one amazing pocket rocket!

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    My Geo Metro is the best. It

    My Geo Metro is the best. It was only $1,500 and I get 40 MPG. I have very little problems with it and to fill my tank up is only 20 bucks! It's great for parking in the city, and I just adore it. This car is great for a first car I am a student and It has been so reliable. I even take it on road trips into the mountains. I admit going up the mountain it wont go past 50 Mph, but it can handle it better than I thought when I first got it.

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    I recently purchased a 1998

    I recently purchased a 1998 Chevy Metro that was not taken care of by the previous owner and it was in need of a top end rebuild right off the bat. I don't know what it is about this car, but even after rebuilding the engine, the transmission went out, the exhaust went bad, the frame was rotting away, and other problems developed, but I was not giving up on her! I am a very good mechanic and did all the repairs myself to save this little car. With a few modifications, this car is getting almost 60 MPG right now!

    At first, all my friends laughed at me and said I was crazy to dump all this work into a piece of crap, but with gasoline at $4.00 per gallon here in the USA now, I have the last laugh!

    I have a complete documented thread on everything I have done to this car to save it from the crusher with lost of pictures of the restoration. You can see it here...........


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    I have a 1998 Chevy Metro

    I have a 1998 Chevy Metro 1L 3cyl with 150K on it i put on an HHO kit i made my self i get 50mpg in town and 60-70 on the high way i only paid $1500 and the HHO kit cost less than $50 it fit right in the grill like it was made for it i have had 3 diferent HHO generators up to 1Gal but it works fine on 1 Qt size or 2 Qt you don't have to fill them up as often with larger one's I think when i put on the MAP sensor adjuster and some other tweaks i might be able to get 80 on the hwy screw a hybrid
    I love My Metro
    sincerly Mike
    Denver Colorado

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    Stumbled into a 1994 Geo

    Stumbled into a 1994 Geo 5-door with 96K. No rust. Runs and drives great. She has as much pick-up as any 4-cyclinder I've driven. I'm tempted to get a bumper sticker that says, "Laugh if you want to, but I get get better gas mileage than a hybrid."

    I doubt they could bring it back as is though. Modern emissions and safety standards mean higher curb weights. But I do think that some car-maker should take another look at that 3-cylinder design. Add a turbo or supercharger and you could likely make a dandy commuter to go head-to-head with expensive hybrids.
    - Metro Mama

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    Well, gas is down to $1.80 a

    Well, gas is down to $1.80 a gallon.. this means I put $15 in mine and drive the WHOLE MONTH ROFLcptr. I consistently make this point to my large male co-workers who harass me about my 'tiny piece of crap' and they walk away shamed. Custom paint and immaculate interior.. it actually looks new and kinda sporty with my black Chinese hood which replaced the mess I made out of the original. People are always surprised that its over 10 years old now.

    Anyway, I'm about to replace the half shafts at 175,000 miles; All that's coming is a new / rebuilt engine, probably in the next 15 - 20k miles and my little auto will be rocketing around maybe forever. Post nicknames if you wind up here, ive used / heard these:

    Escape Pod
    Go-Kart with lid
    Space Pod
    - tiny piece of crap

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    Bought a Suzuki Swift (same

    Bought a Suzuki Swift (same car,sold in Canada) late last spring when gas in Canada was close to $7 a gallon.Have a couple other vehicles too,most notably for this topic,a Chevy Silverado.The truck gets at best 20 mpg(that's Canuk gallons,so like 16 mpg US.)Got way tired of $130 fill-ups,and don't need the truck most days.I work as property management in rural cottage community,so the miles pile up pretty easy,and once my tools are at a job,who needs the dang truck!I am old enough now that I don't have to be worried about what "the boys" think....hence the little p*sser.
    Payed $1110 for it,with 90k miles,fairly rust free.
    This thing paid for it's self in 9 weeks!!
    It's got enough guts for anyone other than Mario,in fact is kinda surprising.It is a bit exciting on winter roads,especially that slush ridge down the middle of the road...watch out for it...grabs ya!
    So after having it for a couple of weeks,my youngest boy decided the hell with the buddies,he wanted one too.
    Everywhere we looked,they were rusted out,mainly rockers and doors.Noted that every lot we went to had bunches ov lovely HUGE SUVs,and very few little cars.
    Wasn't easy to find a decent one,but we did,for $1400.He just turned 16,grade 11,and does take alot of ribbing from the guys...but hey,he's 16,gots his own wheels,completely with his own cash.He can afford to gas it up,go anywhere,and now with gas prices dropping,can afford the odd burger and movie.
    Meanwhile,his older brother,with an Avalanche,is struggling to put $50 in for the week-end.Little brother laughs as he peels out the driveway...and older brother begs mine most days.
    Anyone considering one of these shouldn't think twice.Look at rocker pannels and doors,hatches,for rust.Front ends can be weak too,but parts are really cheap and easy to find.The motor seems to be bullet (teenager) proof.
    This car is Japanese designed,built in Ontario Canada and the US.Sold under 3 names,Suzuki Swift,Geo(and later Chevy) Metro,and Pontiac Firefly.Fisrt models rolled out in '89.
    The Firefly was available as a convertible,but is pretty wobbly without a solid lid.Was available with a 3 banger 1000cc till '98,and had a 1.3 4 banger available since '95 I think.Ours are both 1.3,automatics...we couldn't find sticks in decent shape.All models pass our nearly as strict as California emmisions tests.The weenie tank gets you about 400 miles for $20...about 55 mpg.We pulled the air conditioning belt off ours,pump the tires up to 45 psi,and it does even better.
    Terrific car!

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