Why does a hybrid car have to look like a hybrid, boring!

I'm planning of selling both of my famimly cars that are now getting a little old. When we bought are current cars they were what we could afford. A 94' Altima and a 97' 4Runner. Now that my wife and I make a bit more money I want a cool car! Not a car that looks like it was designed by Microsoft. "The car gets great gas mileage and looks so niffty." Let me put my finger down my throat.

Would it be too much of a bother for the car companies to let there designer that work on cars like the FJ Cruser, Solstice, Murano or the Mustang take a crack at a hybrid?

I hate the guilt of wanting a new car that get 10/13 MPG, because I can now afford a cool looking car. I plan on buying a hybrid or atleast something with the fuel consumption and low emmissions as a primary concern. But I'm doing it under protest.