I have been seeking a honda insight 06 manual trans. I live in new york. But the only manual trans. I can find will take 1 to 2 months . All the other dealers do not want to even talk about the car in the east coast area. I will be re locating to arizona in august. A dealer in scottsdale said he would sell me an insight 06 mt. new from california. The problem is he said he has to mark the car up $3000 over list. All things said, $3000 + sales tax destination , registration, grand total $26000! I said I could buy a prius at that price. He said thats what hybrids go for out in arizona. I hate buying cars. This is a $21000 car not a$26000 car. The fact the car is being discontinued they think they have the right to mark the car up. Can anybody provide some INSIGHT on what I might be able to do about purchasing an insight under $24000? Thanks.