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    Your Insurance Agent is Clueless

    The title of this post is a direct quote from my insurance agent. I just bought a Toyota Prius and the insurance is actually lower than it was for my previous car (Chevy Impala). She couldn't imagine how any reputable insurance agent would say what this one did. Also asked our local fire department, and he said hybrid cars are no problem for them. Yes, the procedure is slightly different if a hybrid car is in an accident, he said, but it's no harder than dealing with any other car. Get a new insurance agent, and get your hybrid.

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    As an FYI, I used to own a Saturn. When I first got it, I got the whole runaround that my insurance was going to be higher because in the case of a accident involving any minor fire, the body would melt and burst into flames and the melting plastic would cause bodily harm, blah blah blah.

    In any case, none of it was backed up by any fact and it was the ranting of a lunatic that simply knew nothing about what he was talking about. If you're really concerned, call your local Fire & Rescue. In the meantime, find a new agent.

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    It would susprise you how

    It would susprise you how many fire departments in this country don't have a clue about how to extricate a trapped person from a MVA involving a hybrid. Who ever thinks that all fire departments are well versed is fooling them selves. 30 yr experience Hazmat & Fire Instructor here for a major City
    and several county volunteer departments. I wish it were true but thats not a valid statement.

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    I know is been 2 years, but

    I know is been 2 years, but just in case. As a firemen we are aware of the danger in hybrid vehicle due to their high volts battery.
    If one of these vehicles are involved in an accident extra precautions are taken, because of the high voltage, but it doesn't mean it will take forever to help you.
    Also we know where the high voltage cables are, where to cut. Besides that everything else is the same.
    I'm own a Toyota Camry hibrid myself.
    Not to worry, that guy didn't know what he was talking about.
    Hope this help.

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    Unfortunately most people

    Unfortunately most people don't think about first aid supplies until it is too late. But, Emergencies could be happen at any time. So, Properly plan for dealing with these types of emergencies. If you plan ahead you can provide temporary relief for a wide variety of hazards including glass cuts, bleeding, minor burns, sprained or fractured bones, infections and foul weather that can compound an already dangerous accident.
    emergency kits
    first aid supplies

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