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    Well, in a hot summer,

    Well, in a hot summer, having a sunroof does save more energy than turning on the A/C in your hybrid cars, doesn't it?
    So why doesn't Prius think about that factor?

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    Jake Lee, It all depends on

    Jake Lee,
    It all depends on what speed you're driving. At high speeds, the disruption of airflow caused by the sunroof or open windows actually does cause a lot of drag on the car. This, of course, wastes energy. Of course, at slow speeds, not running the A/C helps. There's a speed for every vehicle where the A/C wastes less energy than open windows/sunroofs. Unfortunately, with extremely aerodynamic body designs such as the Prius or HCH, this speed is fairly low.

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    I would love to buy a Prius

    I would love to buy a Prius to help the environment and my gasoline expenses. The fact that it does not have a sunroof is ridiculous and the main factor causing me to keep my 2003 Nissan Murano (which I absolutely LOVE) with poor SUV gas milage is the lack of the factory sunroom option. I hate air conditioning and whenever possible drive with the windows down and sunroof open 9 months out of 12 in Chicago. Hope Toyota realizes soon that there are probably many more potential buyers they are missing by not offering one simple luxury option. If they are worried about reductions in fuel efficiency,, just put a disclaimer on the purchase sticker .

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    Up to about 30 mph or so,

    Up to about 30 mph or so, opening windows or sunroof for ventilation uses less energy than running the AC.

    At or above 30mph, the AC unit uses less energy than is wasted by aerodynamic drag from open windows or sunroof.

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