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    2007 Prius: Sunroof???

    I want to freshen this topic up because i'm right on the edge of buying a 2006, but don't want to jump too fast if there will be sunroofs as a factory option come October. I'm a sunroof maniac, but would rather avoid the whole aftermarket leak potential issue if at all possible.

    So does anyone have any reliable, traceable information on whether the 2007 models will/won't have sunroof option packages?
    (Hello again, Mr/Ms "Sunroofs in 2007"; are you out there?)

    And yes, i've seen the Geneva autoshow video. But the fact that that Prius didn't have a sunroof and it wasn't discussed doesn't eliminate the possibility, i would think.

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    2007 Prius: Sunroof???

    To be fair, I've heard nothing about sunroofs in regards to the Prius. But I imagine that having the roof open would create a measure of "drag," thereby cutting down on the gasoline efficiency factor.

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    2007 Prius: Sunroof???

    From what I've seen about on the net the latest buzz for 2007 seems to be the rumored addition of a distinct trim level: a "touring edition." The nature of a touring edition seems to vary a lot from model to model, so it's not completely clear what this would entail; it seems plausible that a sunroof could be part of this new trim. Looking at the Toyota Avalon touring edition, for example, doesn't seem to provide much insight about what a Prius touring edition would be. The Avalon touring edition is priced about midway between the XL and XLS and mostly just has a mix of the features of each (e.g., basic sound system of the XL, fancy seats of the XLS). Since the Prius doesn't traditionally have distinct trim levels (at least in the US), it seems plausible that Toyota would only add one if they had some new/distinctive features they wanted to include in it. I could believe that sunroof might be part of that.

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    2007 Prius: Sunroof???

    Thanks you two.

    Seems I'll have to do a little digging around...

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    2007 Prius: Sunroof???

    I sent a letter to Toyota in early June asking about a sunroof for the Prius. I even suggested a tag line: "Now people who care about the environment can enjoy it." Haven't heard anything. Keep digging!

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    2007 Prius: Sunroof???

    Don't count on it-

    I requested the color Galapagos Green be available on the Honda Civic Hybrid, after all, hybrids are "green."

    That was 3 model years ago.

    All I got was a "thank you, you're request will be placed on file" letter.

    Now Honda redesigned the 2006 Civic Hybrid, but guess what, no Galapagos Green!

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    2007 Prius: Sunroof???

    I received a letter back from Toyota asking me to call a rep. She was very helpful...unfortunately she said that the Prius will never have a sunroof because they don't want the drag lowering the gas mileage. She also said they do not recommend adding a sunroof after market. The 2007's should be coming out in September, but she's not positive.

    If you're interested in speaking with someone, the number is 800.331.4331.

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    2007 Prius: Sunroof???

    Alas, Sandy, my heart is broken.

    Well, ok, sort of. Will still be cool to have one of the spaciest, gas-sippingest cars around. I'll accept the loss of the beloved greenhouse window.

    My inner libertarian (he's a small one) does kind of think that they should let the end user decide whether to accept the drag on the milage or not. Plus, having a sun roof doesn't mean it has to be open. Some of us mostly just enjoy the play of light and the feeling of openness...

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    2007 Prius: Sunroof???

    The Touring Edition Will have a larger spoiler and 16" wheels, charcole interior and ?
    About the moon roof you would have to reengineer the car to add one.

    You can't go wrong with a 2006 or 2007 Prius.

    The key is to get one before all the tax crdits are gone.

    Soon to be owner.

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    I understand the issue of

    I understand the issue of drag and decreased milage when operating the vehicle with an open sunroof, but it would be nice to have the option to open the roof even when not driving but just relaxing in the car at the beach or national park or what ever. Alternatively, how about a glass top with sliding tinted moon roof. Seems like at least a moon roof would be nice for those environmentalists who enjoy looking at nature as much as conserving it by buy a hybrid. It might also encourage more people who might not otherwise buy a hybrid.

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